Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fasio 3D Airtech Mascara Review

Long, thick lashes. *sigh* That's one thing my mom forgot to order at the take out counter when she gave birth to me! :) hehehe I don't blame her though, with my Asian background, I've got the normal short , puny and non-existent lashes.

If only I'm good at putting on fake lashes and It isn't that much of a hassle, I'll do that each and every day!

I've curled my lashes and I am afraid of extensions as I hate the "uncomfortable" feeling of making sure it won't fall off. I just want simple lashes, simple yet vavavoom ones! hehehe

So off Nikki goes for the perfect mascara! I started using mascara (or started putting on make up) when I was abroad teaching in China, I looked so young and immature that time, so I depended on make up to make me look professional and mature!

Mascara is one of the most challenging product I've tried buying. I used almost EVERY MAYBELLINE mascara available in the market as I've heard Maybelline was the first manufacturer of mascaras (don't quote me on that...i just HEARD or read it somewhere) hehehe

Anyways, I bought one mascara that I want to specifically give a space to my blog as I snobbed this brand too many times that I felt too ashamed as this works so well!!!

Here goes the mascara of the year...

** photo from website
approx Php395 in leading department stores

Without much chitchat, let me show you a pix of my "embarrassing" lashes. (tee hee, I guess I'm just showing you guys my eyes, I can't even see my own lashes below!)

Adding up to my embarrassment, I did the side view one.
hey! I can see some lashes! But it's just too fine (opposite of thick, not fine=good) !

With just 2 coats of Fasio 3D Airtech Mascara,
I can see the shadow of my lashes!!!! (photo below)

Side ways look, see???? It works!
FYI, I just put the mascara on top, didn't put any on my bottom lashes

Again, let me stress out the differences

Fasio Says ---

  • Features advanced comb brush for easier application and coverage.

  • Lifts and separates lashes for extra volume curl.

  • Also contains volumizing polymers for thicker lashes with real presence.

  • Curl setting polymers and micro screen polymers hold the curl longer, while the water proof formula ensures the look lasts and lasts.

Askmewhats says (in simpler terms) ---

  • It does give you the fake lashes look
  • It made my lashes longer
  • It is indeed smudge-proof, waterproof, and long lasting (for waterproof ones)
  • Affordable!
  • The applicator is unique, you use both sides, one side to apply mascara and the other side to comb it
  • This is made from Kose, the famous japanese brand for skincare and cosmetics (at least, this is from an established manufacturer)


  • If you applied it on a bad "lash" day, it clumps, and it can clump really bad!
  • Speaking of clumping, you have to use a lash comb to separate to clumping
  • It is sooo hard to remove, trust me, I used the Maybelline eye make up remover plus my Shu Uemura Cleaning oil (both of them!!! just to remove this hard headed mascara)
Will I repurchase?

Your askmewhats,


  1. Interesting. I like that it gives you such natural looking lashes while adding length. But the fact that it's hard to remove is putting me off...

  2. Yes it is so hard to remove!!! I heard a lot about this being hard to remove, but I thought I was safe with the Shu Cleansing oil! But I wasn't. Maybe I should try the non-waterproof one!

  3. Hmmmm... I've never tried the Shu Cleansing Oil. I've never had any problem removing eye makeup (and I use waterproof mascara mostly) with the L'Oreal De-maq Expert Cashmere Milk (I've been using it since they brought out the range last year). That said, I don't like hard-to-remove mascara... when I used to use eye makeup remover (different brands), I often had to rub so hard that I would lose a few lashes in the process. Boooo! :(

  4. ohhh no! so sad to hear that! with such lashes like mine, I don't want just one single lash to fall down :) hehehe thanks for your thought :D

  5. Hi! Stumbled on your blog. Great site you have here. Fasio 3D Airtech Mascara is one of my favorite mascaras!!! I love this product. Try removing it with Lancome Bifacil eye makeup remover. Just a couple of swipes and you're good to go. =)

  6. Hey Mia! Thanks for visiting my site! :) And thanks for the tip!!! I'm going to give it a try!!! As I like the Fasio 3D mascara!!! I'll let you know how it goes!!! :D

  7. Love the site girl!

    Nway, i just recently usedthis mascara and it is hard to remove.. I decided to try the Elianto Lip and Eye Makeup Remover(based on the great reviews iv'e read about it) and it does the job! so happy at least i wont be hesitant to use mascara everyday now.. :)

  8. Thanks Mushu for visiting :) And I'll give this Elianto make up remover a try, thanks!

  9. try the hyper stay shock free mascara from fasio! just like you i have thin puny eyelashes and that mascara is giving me so much volume and length. ^_^ also try other "comb" mascaras. visit my livejournal i made a review.

  10. hi! do you know where i can buy fasio cosmetics. its not available in rustan's anymore.


  11. too bad Fascio is no longer sold in the Philippines...kung kelan naman i'm into make up na at Asian brands at that, sigh


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