Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Birthday Wishes!

Today is my birthday! Yay!!! I'm now officially 18yrs old! hahahaha You guys know I'm joking right? Well, if you guys insist, I will always be 18 for all of you! hehehe

Since it is my birthday today. I am posting my wish list as I believe that being positive will give you good results! Meaning, I will have these soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. Make-up traincase
I want to have this make up traincase as this looks just the right size and I can put in all the products I will bring if my officemates want me to make them up :)

This will also be a push for me to study make-up classes after I finished up my hair cutting classes!

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2. MAC Studio Finish Concealer NC30
I'm an NC35, to cover up dark circles, I have to use one shade lighter and I believe that is NC30 :) to cover my undereye circles. I am really interested with MAC concealer as the Studio Finish compact works really well on me. What's stopping me for now is that I still have a couple of concealers I just need to finish up...or at least use half of it before I purchase a new one!

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3. MAC Brush 187 Duo Fiber Brush
Yes, yes, I'm a make-up brush collector. I still a couple I still want for my collection, but my next brush in line would be the famous Duo Fiber Brush 187 which is great for liquid foundation, I heard foundation would be "air brushed" look with this brush!

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4. MAC Sculpt and Shape
A duo-pan shaded compact featuring a contour and a highlight powder in shades selected to complement each other. I believe this is a product of MAC Pro. I am so intrigued to use this Sculpt and Shape duo to highlight and contour the facial features!

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5. Smashbox Flawless Finish Skin Perfectors Kit
The kit includes photofinish foundation primer in full size and travel size
Also includes the Photo Op Under eye Brightener
I just want a Smashbox face primer! That's it! But if it can be in a KIT with a cutey travel size, why not right? ooooohhhhh Love love love this!

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6. Trip back to Hong Kong!!!
Well, I guess I'll shop more!!!!

You know what? What the heck? I am happy with anything!!!! I believe those I posted above are just my "to buy if I have extra moolah" list! hehehe

Here's my Ultimate Birthday wish (topped my list above) ---- > My family to be of good health. And just be happy the way I am now, being married to my Husband and Bestfriend!!! Keith!!! *blushing*

Well, I'm sure I'll be happy today no matter what!!!!

Happy birthday to me and to the rest who shares the same birthday with me!!! YAY!!!!

Your askmewhats,


  1. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Nikki ~~~ Happy Birthday to YOU!!!

    That traincase is great!! I like way it opens. My one pulls out from one side only so it tips over. :(

    I love the MAC 187!! I have one from the Novel Twist collection (short handle and probably not as dense as the regular one) and I have the smaller 188 coming my way soon. It's by far the most frequently used face brush I have. I'm sure you will enjoy it too. The Smashbox Photo Finish foundation primer is another favourite of mine. It really does create a smooth canvas for foundation application. ;)


    I can almost hear you sing! hehehe

    You know what? I think my birthday wishlist is coming true! Just a couple of minutes ago, my officemates surprised me with birthday surprises! I appreciate it so much and they gave me a traincase!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I am so touched and I cried! (so embarrassing!)

    I can't wait to have what's on my wishlist, but whatever happens, I'm still happy and contented with the blessings I have :D

  3. A new train case already! Yay!!!

  4. Yes! I am so happy and I cried! :) oohhh crying over train cases! hehehe

  5. Happy Happy Birthday, Nikki!

    May all your wishes come true. :-)

    Wow.. The makeup train case wish was quite fast. Haha!

  6. Hahaha I know!!! I hope all wishes are like that! hehehe


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