Sunday, February 17, 2008

Frostings Cupcakes *yummy*

With all the "in" cupcakes, I'm sure everyone have their own share of "cupcake faves". I myself tried a whole lot of cupcakes, expensive or long as they taste good, I'm in love.

At Robinson's Galleria Level 3 Jump Street West Wing, we came across with a very cute shop called FROSTINGS... they are affordable and they are yummy. I highly recommend the Swiss Choco (their Bestseller and our favorite!) below

** Swiss Chocolate for Php 50.00

It was a lucky "strawberry-y and orange-y" day for us as we've got free taste of cute mini cupcakes! Thanks to the staff of Frostings as they were kind enough to let us get a couple more mini cakes as they knew we enjoy freebies.... *hehehe* Here's how cute they look like

You can check out the other flavors and their prices below :D Enjoy cupcakes-eating. Tip: it would be great if you eat it as soon as you bought it, it tastes heavenly that way *winks* Then walk 10miles after (joking!)

P.S. Thanks to my Sweetie for the great photos *mwa*

Your askmewhats,


  1. Yummy cupcakes.... *drools*

  2. it is indeed yummy :D I hope you could try at least ONE ;)

  3. gimme gimme gimme!!!

  4. want me to send it to you via DHL ? or FEDEX? hahaha


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