Saturday, February 16, 2008

My Prestige Brushes

As seen in my previous post, I bought the Smashbox Brush set and I am happy with it :) But of course, I am starting to collect brushes that I don't have, and I came across with Prestige brushes. They don't have a lot of brushes like Mac or Smashbox but they're cheap. So I bought 2 that I don't have.

SHADOW CONTOUR BRUSH # 102 (Php 175.00 at the Beauty Bar)

This shapes, defines and contours the crease area giving a more strong and defined look

SHADOW CREASE BRUSH #103 (Php 200.00 at the Beauty Bar)

This is designed to perfectly blend the shadow into the crease
area giving out soft look

I am so happy with it! It's soft and it works really well! If ONLY they could come up with more brushes.

Your askmewhats,

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