Friday, February 15, 2008

E.L.F. Golden Glow Eyeshadow

E.L.F. cosmetics (a.k.a. EyesLipsFace) has been the BUZZ in YT world (Youtube) . And I am happy I've found E.L.F. in leading SM malls! It's not as cheap as it is in the US, as all products are sold for $1 (approx Php 41.00) and it's definitely not marked that way here! I will give separate reviews on other E.L.F. products but I just can't help but blog on this Golden Glow Eyeshadow, as I love love love this!!!!

Having yellow toned skin, it's not that advisable for anyone to use gold, yellow shadows as it won't show or you will look like you have Hepatitis! I'm not a Yellow or gold fan, but I don't know why the sudden love of gold, I went to the booth and just got the sample of Golden Glow and tried it on my hand. Since its not expensive (Php60-70 sorry can't remember). What can I lose?

E.L.F. says --
Custom Eyes
Luxuriously smooth and silky mineral formula provides eyes with a neutral base and an awakened brightness for a long-lasting wear.

Askmewhats says --

Pros :
  • It is indeed silky, smooth and long wearing.
  • The color Golden Glow is the best for me, very pigmented (compared to the others)
  • I put it on my lid and it just brighten my whole look!
  • Added factor is its cute magnetic compact in 4s. You can choose colors you like and have your own quad!

Cons :
  • The other colors like Ivory, Moondust are not too pigmented (or maybe its just my skin tone that I can't seem to see the colors popping out)
  • The colors available here in Manila are limited. I wanted to buy the quad compact but I just can't make up my mind on what other colors I want, I was thinking of filling it all up with Golden Glow hehehe
  • Do you guys know about cosmetics having lead content? Using a gold ring? Well, I did test it (this is the ONLY product I tested with lead content), after rubbing this E/S on my hand and gently rubbing it with a gold ring, it did showed a strong dark streak (which implies lead). I haven't tried other E/S yet, so I'm not sure if it's really UNSAFE.

Will I repurchase?


My trial look

Your Askmewhats,


  1. It's pretty! I've read both positive and negative reviews of ELF products. Glad to see that the shadow worked for you!

  2. Yes, I've read both good and bad stuffs about ELF as well. But I'm really glad I found this golden glow! I just can't stop using it and mixing it with other colors :D Good day !!!


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