Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lip Balms I've Kissed!

Note from Askmewhats: I had my "first kiss" quite early and I wasn't able to kiss a lot (I'm still talking about lip balms ok?) I spent my younger years using Chapstick, but as I grew older and my lips grew chappier, I am still on the search for the best lip balm ever! For now, I still have my "vaseline" lip care routine (as discussed in my previous post) aside from the balmies...

BURT'S BEES BEESWAX LIP BALM with Vitamin E & Peppermint

*available at Beauty Bar for Php 175
  • this actually can really relieves chapped or cracked lips, the minty flavor is not too strong and is just right!
  • This is a bit pricey compared to Chapstick but for me, it works well.
  • Will repurchase


** available at Beauty Bar for Php 250

Since the regular Burt's Bees Lip Balm works for me and I was able to use up 2 sticks, I thought this is a stronger and better formula for my lips since this is "lifeguard's choice".
  • For really dry flaky lips, be careful, as it shows your flaky lips more
  • This is definitely good for LIFEGUARDS but not for regular people as this colors your lips WHITE (no joke, people will look at you literally if you wear this without lipstick)
  • It did say replenishing lip balm, but it didn't replenish at all.
  • I won't purchase this again (sorry)


** available in for approx. Php 110 (depending on exchange rate)

I was in Taiwan, and it was summer, and the weather is quite bad. I forgot to bring my lip balm and I'm having this really bad "double lips" , itchy and painful, I've got no choice but to go to 7-11 and bought this one.

  • Very moisturizing! It did it's job relieving my chapped and sunburned lips
  • Yummy lemony flavor
  • I did repurchase, actually bought a lot of back ups in Malaysia also in Hong Kong!


**available at Watson's for Php 69
I can't say much about this product, it's not the best but its not the worst, this product has been hear since...I don't know :) but for people who are on a budget, this works well and Spearmint is my favorite flavor :)


** available Watson's for Php 139

I am so excited to review this product as I just bought this product a couple of hours ago. I gave a lot of thought as I was ready to repurchase my Burt's bees regular lip balm. I was so excited that I used it at once (even with some Burt's Bees Lifeguard's choice left)

  • Super hydrating and no waxy feeling (as stated)
  • It's a little glossy looking, but the liquid really does sink in and it made my lips super soft
  • It's a bit weird though as this is not the regular balm, it's in liquid form with a rolling ball (like a deodorant).
  • If my thoughts DID change after several usage, I'll let you guys know, but so far, had a feeling I'm gonna like this one BEST!
Your askmewhats,


  1. Hmmm, I know so many people that swear by Burt's Bees, but their products have never worked for me (and I always get a funky, waxy smell off of them). Ditto for Blistex. I like the Mentholatum Lip Ice and used to get them in Sasa when I lived in Taipei (when were you in Taiwan??). The menthol gave a very nice feel in the hot summer. I haven't seen them around in a good few years though and they are certainly not here.

  2. Well I would swore on the regular Burt's bees :) It worked for me, but I guess my lips needed the change, just like shampoo, moisturizers, etc...

    Mentholatum isn't even available here in Manila. I went to TW 3yrs ago and went to Malaysia to Hoard Mentholatum :) But using it here in has this waxy feel already.

    I'll be using my Blistex for now :) Maybe i'll need the change again sometime in the future :D

  3. you should try Carmex lip balms. they're bananas amazing! not to mention, they're cheap. ;D


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