Thursday, February 7, 2008

I Will Be on a Short Vacation!!!

Hey guys! I will take a short trip with my Mom, Brother (who's here for a 2 week vacation) and my Husband. We will just be on for an overnighter. We will stay at the newly opened Hotel Kimberly , Tagaytay!!! I will give you guys some feedbacks and my point of view on my trip and this hotel! Yay! I'm so looking forward for this!

** All pictures courtesy of Cherry Pacheco Uy


  1. Looks very nice the hotel. Enjoy!!!

  2. I am back!!!! It's a great trip! But I'm a bit tired now :) 12mn here. I'll give some updates as soon as I have the chance. :D Hope you'll have a great weekend

  3. Yay! Glad to hear that you enjoyed your little getaway! Looking forward to hearing all about it! :D


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