Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sanyo SV M730 Electric Shaver

** available at all SM department stores (approx Php850)

Details --

Batteries: 2 AA
Dimensions: 59 x 19.5 x 72mm
Cleaning Brush
Hard case with mirror

Askemewhats say --

I was always a "plucker" , never a shaver! I had tried several manual shavers, yes, its fast , its easy but each time the li'l hairs are starting to sprout, it is as itchy as HELL!!!! So I always went back to the conventional plucking. It's painful, but it is clean, it doesn't grow fast so I don't have to pluck every day.

I was in a hurry for a party one day, I've decided to wear this spaghetti strapped dress. Good thing I've decided to check on my 'pits, I was in such a panic mode as I forgot to pluck! With my make up on and hair done, I just don't have the time to do the plucking! My ever loving husband(again) came to the rescue and lent me his electric shaver (the big one with clipper). I was sooo scared to use it as I can imagine myself in a nice pink dress with blood all over my underarms! (well well I was exaggerating, but hey! the whhhhiiizz whiiizzz sound isn't inviting). Embarrassing to admit, I had my husband shave my underarms for me, and you know what? No PAIN at all! and it was super smooth and clean!!!!

Since I cannot use my husband's shaver for my underarms and him using it to his face, I've decided to buy one for myself. And of course, I wanted a more feminine version, so I bought this smaller version. So my underarms are living happily ever after with my Sanyo Mini Shaver.


You cannot let your hair grow long, as this shaver is best to cut short hairs. If your hair is tad longer, you need the clipper to help you with it. So..that would lead you to...

Shave your underarms EVERYDAY! (don't be lazy ladies! just less than 5 minutes a day!)

No special creams needed, just your dry 'pits *lol*

You can also use this to shave your legs (if you want to)

Again, it's PAINLESS! But always use new batteries, old and weak batteries will pull your hairs instead of cutting it..OUCH!

Your askmewhats,


  1. Hmmmm, I'm intrigued. I had a Philips electric shaver, which was supposedly for both dry and wet shaves, but it irritated my underarm skin when I used it dry (red bumps for days!). Perhaps I would give Sanyo a try if I can find it here.

  2. oohhh that's sad to hear! But don't use the ROUND head, so far, I've been using this for almost 4 months, and the red bumps from previous plucking are GONE :)

  3. The round head? Hmmm, I guess I'll know what you mean when I see the actual product! ;)

  4. I have used this shaver for almost 20 years. I am surprised Sanyo is still making it. I love it. It is very durable. After this many years, I only has to buy the 2nd one last year.

    Love it.

    by - get your photo on to a stamp!

  5. LEE! Thanks for dropping by know what? My sanyo electronic shaver is one of my BEST BUY!!! I love really saves a whole lot of time! :D I'm glad you're enjoying yours as much as I DO :)


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