Friday, February 29, 2008

My Birthday Happenin'

I am sharing to you guys my birthday bash yesterday.
Prepared by my best colleagues in the whole world :)

Below, you can see me being ecstatic like a kid as I had my Lollipop cake! :)
if you can count the lollies, you'll know how old I am :D

Blowing my birthday cake ;) See how everyone was trying to have something pink in them?
Pink is my favorite color by the way *hihihi*

I'm flushed, overwhelmed, with emotions.
I know I know...but aren't they just too sweet???

I hope you guys had fun sharing "a bit" of my special day in the office :)
Dreams to come true, no matter how big or small they are :D

Your askmewhats,


  1. That's such a fun cake! Is that another train case?? :)

  2. No, that was the one I told you yesterday :D

    If I eat all the lollies, I'm going to lose my teeth! Promise!

  3. your colleagues are so sweet.

    the makeup case is cute! :-)

  4. I am so waiting for "the moment" to use it! :) I Love it! they are so sweet indeed :D

  5. nice cake! belated happy birthday!


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