Saturday, March 1, 2008

Maybelline Unstoppable Shiny Black Mascara Review

Like I said in my previous posts about mascara, I've been an avid Maybelline mascara user for quite some time. I was left with one particular brand and I've used up like 4 tubes already. I have been using this alternatively with the Fasio 3D mascara.

Here's how the Maybelline Unstoppable Shiny Black Mascara looks like (below)

Below is the picture of the brush, it's not too big and not too small, just the right size. The bristles looks scary to use for first time users.

Again, here's how my "naked" eyes looks like...

With Maybelline Unstoppable Shiny Black Waterproof Mascara (sorry, my bad, I didn't curl my lashes well)

Maybelline says ---
  • This formula is said to be a 100% smudge-proof full length mascara.
  • Gives a “full length” look

Askmewhats says --

  • Lenghtens
  • Doesn't smudge
  • Very affordable (a tip again: wait for their 20-30% off and stock up if you like this)
  • Stays all day! No panda eyes for me

  • Doesn't give enough volume (well my bad, this is a Lengthening mascara. These are good for really short but thick lashes -- I have the short but not the thick one)
  • My lashes look "spidery" and sparse
  • Doesn't hold the curl

For Asian eyelashes like mine, I suggest you guys use 2 mascaras in one sitting. Yes, waste of money but it's worth the investment. Here's how :

  1. Curl your lashes with your choice of eyelash curler
  2. Apply the volumizing mascara first
  3. Let it dry
  4. Add a second coat using your choice of a lengthening mascara
  5. Apply mascara to your lower lashes will be optional (depending on your preference)
I hope the tip helps, enjoy ! :D

Your askmewhats,

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