Sunday, March 2, 2008

Weekend Food Tripping at: Banana Leaf Asian Cafe Experience

Banana Leaf Asian Cafe was there for quite some time now. I don't know why but I was kinda thinking about Curry when me and my hubby were strolling around Robinson's Place Manila. Our orders below.

** Rice meal called Nasi Goreng Nenas for Php188.00

This tastes yummmmmyyyyyooooo!!!! Like I said, I'm not a rice eater, I only enjoy rice if it's Korean styled Bulgogi and now....THIS! This tastes like HOFAN noodles! I just can't explain it. It's mild spicy, with bits of shrimp, raisins topped with egg!!! Yummm

** Malayan Chicken Curry with Potatoes for Php 228

LOVE LOVE LOVE the curry, but one downside is, the chicken are all on a diet! I can't seem to taste the chicken meat as it's all bony. I can literally count the potatoes, 4 to be exact! I'm happy with the curry though. Banana leaf, please, fatten your chicken! hehehe

** Soup Noodle : Shrimp Wanton in Pork Bone Soup Base with Rice noodle (for Php138.00)

Their soup is cool! You can choose your soup base, choice of Laksa (I believe this is coconut), Laksa Curry or Pork Bones (picture above). There's also 2 types of noodles to choose from, the Rice noodle (flat fat ones) and the king noodles (thinner noodles).

Their shrimp wanton is good and the soup is just light. It doesn't taste too overpowering. My husband LOVES this and he finished it all :D

PriceAffordable and just right
Ambiance Warm and cozy


They are friendly and they know their food well
Will I come back?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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  1. the way u describe the rice makes me want to rush to banaba leaf and order it NOW!!. hehe
    thanks for the heads up


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