Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Nail Art

As for those who don't know. I am so into taking care of my nails. So doing the weekly manicure and pedicure is usual for me :) I started coloring my nails since my university days. And I started to get hooked on nail art when I go engaged July 7,2007 . Yup the ever famous 7/7/07 of Eva Longoria.

I just did my nails today. Aside from the Valentine's day theme, this is also going to be my b-day theme. February is my favorite month! So it is a happy month for me and happy would be RED! (I guess, I am not the usual red colored nails, so something for a change, something different) The nail artist did her version of a HOT RED nails with flowers and butterfly!!! :D I am so happy with the outcome.

Your askmewhats,


  1. wow, pretty! Did you do them yourself? Or got professional help? ;)

  2. Oh, professional help! hehehe But I'm going to do one for my mom and see how artistic I am :)

  3. hi! may i know where did u get ur nail art done? how much? its really pretty

    tough cookie


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