Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ajisen Ramen at Robinson's Place

I have tasted Ajisen restaurant both in China and Hong Kong and both countries never failed me. That's why when I saw a newly opened Ajisen restaurant at Robinson's Place, Ermita. I was floored! My tongue was just so excited to eat their ever famous "served with a big spoon" ramen/udon!!! My hubby and I really took a nigh off to eat out and enjoy our Ajisen-ish moment together.

You guys know how much I love tofu dishes. I always wanted to give tofu a try for any restos who serve tofu. Remember the previous blog that I want a crunchy tofu in a sauce? THIS is the one!!! Spicy Tofu is the name of the dish. The tofu was fried with pork, shiitake mushroom, and kuchay in a special Ajisen sauce. Be careful though, as it is SUPER HOT inside the tofu..hahah me and my hunger pangs! I've been so excited to taste this that I kinda hurt my tongue..just kinda! But still ok enough to do a review on the dishes! hahaha, for me, it tastes wonderful!!! Totally different from what I'm used to. Love the sauce!!! Not too Spicy as what the name implied but it has this sweet, and a bit of spicy taste. (php105.00)

A special dish called Chasiu, a special Ajisen Pork as they call it. This is totally different from a regular barbecue we Filipinos are used to. The pork are thinly sliced and you will dip the pork with soy sauce. Totally different but worth the try (Php125.00)

Kon Udon, included in their house specialty, is Ajisen Ramen with pork, egg, sweet corn, cabbage bathed in their famous miso soup. You can choose between 2 types of noodles, Ramen (Php215.00) and Udon (Php235.00).

What's the difference? Ramen is the regular noodle and Udon is the thicker version. Picture above is Kon UDON, yup, I lurve thicker noodles.

This is very tasty, I believe they use natural sea salt and their noodles are 100% whole wheat. Everything is just so tasty and very aromatic! Yummmmmmyyyyy

They've got a whole lot of food selection as seen in the menu below, Donebouri or the rice toppings (Click to enlarge and be hungry!)

The Desserts Page (Click to enlarge)

Now I'm off to eating!!! I'm hungry! *zzzzoooommmm*

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I know right? hahaha nakakagutom

  2. great!!! nalungkot ako when the one in Libis closed without me trying it yet.. will definitely give this a try ... thanks

  3. Try the new branch at Level 2 - North East Square #47 Connecticut st. Greenhills, San Juan


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