Sunday, March 23, 2008

Eureka Moment- Brush Holder

I was in continuous search for a brush holder for my "personal" brushes. I am so picky when it comes to my makeup tools. I want it to be really "cute" , fashionable and of course, affordable! I was just doing my usual rounds of "window shopping" with my hubby when I laid eyes on this cute jar with lid. Bought this at Puregold for around Php150-200.00

They have a couple of different designs and lid color but just to be part of the theme, I bought this one with the word BRUSH on it *hehehe*

And here's how it looks like with my brushes, I am still on a lookout for those cute pebbles to keep my brush holder in style and my brushes standing straight up!

As for the lid, I don't want to throw it away so I've decided to keep it and use it as my tool in brush cleaning.

The "Starbucks" bottle is my "home made" brush cleanser (inspired by Koren of Enkore). After each application, I would put in some of the brush cleaner on the lid and swirl it and clean it up using a towel :D I am so happy with my find!

I hope this inspires you guys as well to find your brush holders ...happy searching!

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  1. so cute!!!!

    my brush holder is lame.. :-(

    i feel bad. haha!

    happy easter!

  2. my case naman, i use an Enhanted Kingdom cup with me and my mahal's pic on it. :D

    hmm, i have no idea bout Enkore's DIY brush cleaner..ano ba yan? paturo naman..LOL

  3. hey liz ,thanks, I am so smiling everytime I see my brush holder :D

    Iamsutil, no worries, I'll repost the DIY brush cleanser c/o Enkore :D

    HAPPY EASTER both of you!

  4. Wow what a great deal!

    I'm looking forward to hear from you how to make the home-made brush cleanser too ;)

    Btw, could you buy the same holder for me and ship it to Indonesia? Hehehe.. :P

  5. Hi Devi hahaha that is funny! I think the price of the shipping will be much more expensive than the brush holder itself :) hahaha If you really really really badly wanting the holder..let me know..I may ask around :D

  6. i love reading your blogs!! i'm so addicted to it na! :)

    love the brush holder ha? although i made lipat mine after a few uses kasi talagang nainspire ako sa "sephora inspired" naman ni KOREN. :)

    love the "duality" of the cover as brush cleaner bowl. :) so chicfully useful. :)

    thanks for creating such a great blog. i'm so proud to be a kikaypinay. :)


  7. Hey Shen! Super welcome to the kikay world!!! Thanks for visiting, appreciate it.

    Hahaha, I know what you mean about Koren's sephora inspired brush holder..kikay kc ako I really want cute stuffs talaga :D


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