Monday, March 24, 2008

Tip for the Day: Home Made Brush Cleanser inspired by Koren

This one is dedicated to Iamsutil and Devi

I am a clean freak, and I am a proud owner of make up brushes (lots of them). So cleaning my brushes is really one of the most important step for me in make-up, especially I love applying make up to other people. Sanitation is super important.

Here's what I've been using for months now and so far, my brushes are in good shape. This is best used for each application but do not forget to deep clean your brushes with baby shampoo and warm water at least once a week :D

Hope this is as helpful as it was to me.
What you need ---

Distilled Water
Alcohol (70% or 91%)
Detergent (Dishwashing liquid)
Regular hair shampoo (for normal to oily hair) or baby shampoo
Leave-in conditioner (the spray-on ones)
Mixing jar
Empty bottle (to put in the mixture later on)

Here are the steps ---
1. Pour in 1 cup of water to your mixing jar
2. Pour in a quarter of a cup of alcohol, this will be your disinfectant/anti-bacterial
3. Use a 1/2 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid
4. Then 1/2 tablespoon of shampoo
5. Finally, add a tablespoon of leave-in conditioner (spray on liquid) to condition the brushes
6. Gently stir everything, do not stir fast as the detergent may start to suds/foam
7. Pour all of the mixture into the empty bottle and you can store this for future use

Voila!!! Your home-made brush cleanser Koren style. Thanks Koren of Enkoremakeup!!!


  1. I wash my brushes almost every day and just use shampoo or facial wash (the creamy kind). And every once in a while, I use conditioner (the same kind I use on my hair) to 'pamper' my brushes. :)

  2. wow, talk about the brush mommy! :) your brushes are lucky to have a great mommy like you..adopt my brushes ! hahaha

  3. Hahaha, well, I wash them after each use mainly because I don't like to get the colours mixed together, and wiping them off a paper towel just never quite did it for me. :P

    How do you find the brushes from your brush set?

  4. Thanks for the infos Nik!

    I'll try to do the same to my babies :)

  5. Hi Liz...well good thing my home made cleanser and wiping them on towel afterwards works just fine :) I don't really plan to wash them all everyday! hehehe Lazy me
    My brush set?? OOOooohhh I'm still loving it!!! Even those that I use them to can't help but notice and order as well :)

    Devi, I'm glad this is helpful as much as it is to me :) A tip, use a good smelling leave-in contioner and shampoo in making this ok? As I love the scent I use and it's helpful as you use the brushes on your face

  6. thanks a lot for posting this. :-)

  7. i've been meaning to ask you on how to clean brushes. thanks for the post.

  8. You're both very much welcomed Liz and Gailie! :D

  9. thanks sis! right now what im using is my Beauty Bar makeup brush cleaner, but i tend to clean my brushes before i use them. so i leave them dirty overnight after using them and the following them, i spritz them with this cleanser and wipe them on a tissue before using.

  10. heheh me naman kc clean freak, I clean them right after I use them and leave it over night for it to dry up :)

  11. i'm been meaning to do this! great great thing you got started on it coz i can't seem to decide what leave-on conditioner spray to buy.. :(

    I clean(wash) my brushes every week or after i do a lil demo of the brushes. i wash my e/s brushes nearly everyday. which reminds me.. i gotta wash 'em today. :)

    but i always use my smashbox every after use to keep them temporarily clean. :)

    as always great blog!

  12. hahah there are a lot available in the market for the spray on ones right? Sorry I haven't checked yet, coz I myself was using the Lux leave-on conditioner that my brother bought from HK. Kung naubos, that's the time mamoblema ako hehehe

  13. helpful site. I was lurking around your blog and saw your home made brush cleaner. i tried it but i noticed that the the color of the brush tends to come off as well. Let's say i'm cleaning a black brush when i damp it on the tissue towel i can see black smears on it. Is it normal? Hope you can help=)

  14. Hi Yo, thanks so much for dropping by. With regards to your query. May I ask if you know your brushes are synthetic or made of animal hair? Based on your description, I would assume it to be synthetic. And synthetic brushes (especially black) or dyed. So it is most advisable to deep cleanse your brushes using shampoo (and conditioner if you want) as soon as you bought it.

    The brush cleanser made here is for everyday cleansing, or those in between uses, but it is still advisable to deep cleanse it using baby shampoo once or twice a week.

    So it is NORMAL that it smears. It will be gone as you continue to wash it :) hope this helps

  15. nikki, what leave-in conditioner did you use?

    i'm just curious cause i'm about to buy the ingredients tomorrow at SM.
    hope to get your reply soon.
    thank you so much :)


  16. Hi Aya, I am using Cream Silk's Leave-on ..lite light blue :)

  17. Thank you so much :)


  18. Hi Nikki,

    Just want to share with you another homemade brush cleaner that I have learned in painting class. Just mix olive oil and dishwashing liquid then put in a plastic plate swirl the brushes and rinse it off with running water that's it!:)Hope this helps too! Have a nice day! Ohh btw, i love your blog very helpful talaga mga shinare mong topics! two thumbs up Nikki! :)

  19. hi sis good day, may i know where did you buy the cream silk leave on conditioner lite fix? parang di na ata available to market ngayon..went to sm and watsons yesterday kaso wala silang ganito ang meron lng yung pink and dark blue na nakasachet.. anu pa bang brand ang merong leave on conditioner na liquid na available locally yung affordable yng price? hope to receive your reply the soonest. thanks much and have a nice day sis! :D

  20. Hi Miss Nikki!

    I just wanna share to you the amazing 'thing' I use for cleaning my make-up brushes: Sensa' Tea Tree Oil Foaming Facial Wash! I bought this at Watson's for my face but it gave me not-so-good reactions so I decided to make it a brush cleaner so at least my money won't go to waste. The first time I used it, it gave my tools very soft hairs and and clean scent! It's really cool! You should try it! It's really a good catch at only about P200+. :)


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