Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Smashbox Skin Tint Review

** Photographed by : Keith Tiu
** bought at the duty free shop for $24.00

Smashbox Skin Tint is like the regular lip and cheek cream that a lot of cosmetics company has been doing to save time and energy for cheeks and lips make up application. What's famous here in Manila is the Body Shop Lip and Cheek stain and it has been the buzz for quite some time now. I heard they're going for the buy one take one lip and cheek stain...again.

I never got myself interested with lip and cheek tints or taints or whatever they call it. But when this lady from the DFS Smashbox counter told me about the discount I may get if I purchase $50.00 worth of their products (can't remember but something like that). So I kinda got myself into panic buying again (in case you're wondering why I'm getting more of those smashbox stuffs..sue the Smashbox lady!)

Anyways, this was like my last resort as I didn't find anything I really want from Smashbox except the Photo Finish Primer. And I got my hands into this without even testing this.

Anyways, I got home, tested it on my cheek, and I was a bit surprised how nice it came out. It is a bit "peachy pink" in tone with a li'l bit of gold shimmer on it (Hello NARS Orgasm, you the cousin?)

Here's a photo of me putting this on my cheek (Note: I don't put this much, I did this on purpose for the camera to do some justice on this wonderful product)

Blended it with my fingers...

Voila! Healthy peachy pink tone

And since it's a lip and cheek tint, let's give test this on my lips! I used a brush as I don't want my lips to kiss my face (hahaha that didn't sound right) but you got the point!

My lips are super dry (as I stated over and over again), though the color came out really nice and nude-y...I had to finish this off with....


I LOVE how it looks! I never thought a nude lipstick would look nice on me..but it did! Personally! trust me! hehehe This color is my hubby's fave...everytime we're ready to leave, he'll be like..."are you using the TINT?" hahaha cute

Smashbox says ---

SKIN TINT glides over cheeks and lips for a flush of natural-looking color, making you look lit from within. Sheer enough to risk mirror-less application, the antioxidant packed formula contains vitamins A, C, E, aloe, and echinacea to nourish skin.

Askmewhats says ---

  • It does glides on the cheek and lips smoothly
  • Does not have any yucky taste
  • natural/healthy looking
  • very convenient to bring
  • has the light amount of shimmer that looks natural and not too made up
  • it stays on your cheek, for lips, had to re-apply
  • I honestly don't know how long I'll be using this, as this is HUGE
  • For Oily Skin: I have a feeling this will be a con for some of you gals as this is cream blush, may "add" to the oiliness looking cheeks
  • I am not sure but I believe this has been discontinued (sorry)
Tip --

Apply to cheeks for a beautiful radiant glow. Start at the apple and blend upward, using fingers.
Always follow up with a clear lipgloss as I find this not creamy enough to be a lipstick

Will I repurchase?

Your askmewhats,


  1. I've only started using blush recently (even though I got two Bourjois blushes a year ago). I really like my cream blush (MAC Lilicent) because it gives me a dewy glow with just a hint of colour. I'm quite fair so anything too red would turn me into a clown. I'm also considering getting a cheek stain or tint. I tried the famous Benetint from Benefit but I didn't like it (too runny and hard to blend). I'll remember to stop by Smashbox when I'm in the department store next and check this Skin Tint out. Thanks! :D

  2. You're right, I am not into those stain/tint that are too runny and tends to dry up pretty quickly which will leave me uneven red blotch on my face. Give this a try, I believe they have other colors available, when I bought this one, only TINT is available..I'm glad it was this color though..not reddish, but peachy pink :) very natural :D

  3. Hi Nikki, Thanks for visitng my site. I love how you show how the product works. I don't really like using cream blushes but this one looks really pretty. :)

  4. wow, the thing looks nice. i'll rush to the nearest beauty bar to check it out!

  5. goodluck sis!!! Tell me if you were able to buy one!

  6. wow, it looks pretty on you. too bad peach doesnt look good on me, instead i look muddy :( but i hope they have other shades available here at Beauty Bar. gotta check one of that soon! hehehe

  7. I believe they DID have other shades available, not sure if they still have it :)

  8. go get one :) hehehe Is it available in Singapore? I believe so....


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