Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Office Table Looks Like this....

Just to share with you pretty gals...

When my colleagues wanted a makeover before their night out, or be it a date, or there were days they just wanted to be pretty, here's how my office table looks like (note: I'm doing this during break time ok? shhhhh)

I only bring the basics and whatever skin tone or whatever "looks" the request of my friends. No point in lugging around everything and not using 'em right?

Pardon me for all the crazy stuffs on my table!

And here's my ever lovely gorgeous brushes ...

And here's where I store my sponges, cotton buds, cotton balls, mascara wands etc...clear box so that I can see everything clearly (update: I just bought 60 pcs Triangle sponges which I kept in this box as well)

Awww, just looking at these pix makes my heart skip a beat :P

Your askmewhats,


  1. Great collection Nik! And very neat too ;)

  2. wow! I'm just learning to put make-up on.

    let me ask, what are the basic things I need to have?

  3. Devi, thanks it's not complete yet! hhaha I'm now eyeing for a bigger traincase, but something really nice looking as well :)

    Gail, hi hi, thanks for dropping by. Starting up with make up? Honestly, a good make-up for me is flawless skin, and that would either be your foundation (liquid, cream,powder) Always have to be matched to your skin color and always include your neck! A flawless looking face is super important for any make up. So here's my simple breakdown of the basics ---

    1. Powder/Foundation
    2. Lipstick - that looks great on you, don't have to buy all the shades

    ----you can stop here---------

    3. Eyeliner - brown is the best for the natural look
    4. Mascara - with mascara, sometimes, you don't need to put on eyeshadow as the eyes becomes dramatic and alive!

    Well, i hope this is helpful! :) Feel free to come back for any other queries and I'll share whatever I know! :D

  4. really are becoming a makeup artist sis nikki :)

    i love your traincase, i wish i could get one soon. im thinking of getting the one from beauty bar and just put in the things im going to use there when im going somewhere. i dont think i can find something that will be able to keep all of my abubots.

  5. hey sis Iamsutil :) Thanks, I am so looking forward into becoming a pro!

    Nga pala, if you're looking for a traincase, I believe they have a lot of those online compared to the beauty bar. I have a friend studying at CAS and she's got contact, if you really are interested, I can try to help you ask, kc it's cheaper via a supplier and it's really huge! hahahha Just let me know :) *hugs*

  6. oh talga? okie okie, i'm interested. i'm going to study makeup soon so i would be needing a "big" traincase so i can get to bring my "essentials" lol...actually i am also planning to get a suesh brush set like yours (inggitera talaga eh no LOLz)

    thanks thanks sis

  7. Hi Sis Sutil, ito na! ang bilis ko no? hahaha

    Try to contact Dra. Mylene Basco Tiamson, she's located at St. Lukes, she's willing for meetup, ask if the traincase is still available. 0922.880.7978 :D

    Tell me how it goes sis, di pa ako nag order kc I'm collecting make up first hehhehe (not related to me ha, found her at multiply) and what i just like about her is the fact that she wants meet ups :D at least you can inspect the traincase before you purchase. :D

  8. wow.. you're the official makeup artist in your office! cool! :-)

    nice stuff you got there!

  9. curious...where did you get your disposable mascara wands?

  10. heheheh I've got make-up artist friend who goes in and out of the US and she gave it to me! :) But if you want to have 1 or 2 but not too much, you can ask from counters like Clinique or MAC at rustans. They will be willing to give it to you especially if you did purchase :)


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