Thursday, March 27, 2008

AMW Version: Drawing Your Own Brows

I have been doing make-up to other people since high school. Honestly, one part of the face that seldom touch would be their "eyebrows". I felt that if I made a mistake in plucking, shaving or even trimming it, they're gonna freak out and not let me touch my face for the rest of their lives! (paranoia!)

I myself have been doing a "boo boo" on my own brows, and when I had to chance to learn make-up? I make it a point to learn about the art of "brow-tifying"!

After months of practice, I would say I haven't mastered it but I learn a whole lot and would like to share them to you guys :D

What you need:
1. Brow Pencil - I used Paul & Joe Eyebrow Pencil Duo No. 4 (yup, its very light but don't worry, it'll work!)

2. Petroleum Jelly/Lip Balm - I used my old chapstick balm which doesn't work on my lips but works on my eyebrows

3. Eyebrow powder or E/S that is one tone lighter than your hair - in my case, I use MAC e/s in Coquette

Tools needed:
1. Mascara Brush

2. Eyebrow Brush

Before I did anything to my brows, here's how it looks like ---

I have 2 steps to share it to you guys, the long cut version and the short cut version, so your choice ladies!

Steps: (long cut version)
1. Clean your brows
2. Draw in the top of your brows with the eyebrow pencil - drawing the top part looks more natural (Eureka moment: Pencil isn't just used for outlining or drawing the brows, this also serves as a "Base" for the eyeshadow to stick on to your brows to make your eyebrow powder lasts longer)
3. Using your eyebrow brush, fill in the gaps with mini strokes or check-marks with an eyeshadow one tone lighter than your hair (as you all know, a black one will make you look older and unapproachable)
4. Use your mascara brush to brush off harsh lines
5. To tame your brows, use a petroleum jelly (or in my case, lip balm) to tame your brows and brush it again with the mascara brush

Steps: (short-cut, in a hurry version)
1. Clean your brows
2. Gently apply petroleum jelly/lip balm to your brows (this serves as a base for the e/s to stick)
3. Using your eyebrow brush, fill in your brows and create the shape you want
4. Use your mascara brush to brush off excess powders and remove harsh lines

Of course the long cut version's outcome looks more professional and brows looks really neat. But the short version, trust me (I'm doing this everyday), works just as well. Your choice, your brows! *winks*

Here's the AFTER look ---

For better comparison, check out this pix comparing my left and right eyebrows. Sorry, bad picture as I'm just using a camera phone :D

Hope this helps! I'm sure there's a whole lot of other versions out there, but this one works for me! So I'm sharing the info! :P

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Brows... the bane of my existence! It's really in the last year that I got a hang of shaping and filling in my brows. I had all the tools (the powder, the spoolie, and the brush) but it wasn't until a friend showed me and then subsequently gave me the Shiseido Elixir Brow Pencil that I really got to practice. Now I'm happy to say that it only takes me a mere minute to do both my brows. Now, if only doing eye makeup is as simple! :)

  2. heheh I guess if you were able to deal with the brows! I'm sure e/s will be your next expertise! Go girl! Let's all PRACTICE!!!! hehehe

  3. Haha, yeah, practice does indeed make perfect!

    And yeah, I forgot to say, I use a chapstick to tame strays too! (I use the Vitamin E stick from The Body Shop.... decided to do that because it has a funny smell/taste that I find gross on my lips.)

  4. hahha yeah i've got a lot of balms that I don't like to use on my lips and I'm just happy I'm not going to waste it and use it on my brows instead. I was eyeing for a brow gel..good thing I didn't buy it!!! Lip balms work just find!!! happy for your decision! hehehe (to attend i meant)

  5. Thanks Nikki! :)

    Eye brow gel... I don't think it's necessary. Lip balm works quite well! ;)

  6. Aww, how cute are you? My eyebrows are so light that when I add a little color to them I think I look weird. I know that I just need to practice though. :]

  7. thanks amy! *tee hee* Well, you're lucky your brows are perfectly fine the way it is, with mine, i do have gaps in them that really needed to be filled up :D

  8. hi nikki!
    does paul & joe cosmetics available in rustans shangrila? if yes, may i know how much is their eyebrow pencil? would highly appreciate receiving your reply soonest. Thanks in advance and have a nice day! :)

  9. Katrina , thank you

    Kokeshi Doll, no Paul & Joe in Shangri La :) The eyebrow pencil costs around Php1,500 (approx) I don't remember the exact price :)


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