Friday, March 28, 2008

Threading Experience

Since I posted about eyebrows yesterday, let me just complete it with another brow issue :) hehehe THREADING!

Fabio Salsa, the first time I heard this, I thought we were talking about Food, something about salsa that was made by Fabio! Don't laugh! hahaha You can't blame me, I'm not only a make-up junkie, I'm also a food addict! hehehe

Well, I am going for a "Threading" session as scheduled at Fabio Salsa SALON after office hours. For my dear readers, Fabio Salsa Salon is part of the Franck Provost Group. And I'm not into threading, the reason why I went through all this is because of the photoshoot I'll be doing for a make-up class :) Fairy look, remember?

My threading experience with them is quite nice. I would say you will just sit down on their chair and the wonderful Ms. Celia (who's the only person in charge of threading) will do her stuff and she will take a look at your brows first and you can always tell her your concerns on your eyebrows. In my case, I told her not to make it too thin and sparse :) She understood perfectly. This was my 2nd threading experience and I would say, ALL Threading hurts, but with Ms. Celia, it wasn't that painful because she's quite experienced and she knows what she's threading for.

You guys will probably ask for the price, it is quite affordable...for only Php 165.00 ($4.00) I suggest you give them a call first (contact details further below) and book an appointment :D

FABIO SALSA Power Plant Mall
312 Amapola Street Corner Estrella Street
1200 Makati
tel no: 8981431

Your askmewhats,
Nikki (threaded girl)


  1. teehee.. i never tried threading. i usually get my brows plucked or shaved. but am gonna learn threading in makeup school, i guess.

    anyway, can you please do the 5 Beauty Crimes?

    I just didn't tag you and other beauty bloggers because everyone is doing/has done it.

  2. hahaha goodluck with the beauty school thing! :) so happy for you you're following your dream.

    Sure, I'll do the 5 beauty crimes:D tks

  3. Hmmmm... threading.... I know it used to be a bit of tradition in Taiwan for brides to have their whole face threaded before the wedding. Seemingly that helps the makeup go on more smoothly.

    Still, I'm too squeamish to give it a go. :P

  4. I would say, go for the normal plucking/shaving! The PAIN! hahaha But I guess I have to do this because of this shoot, but for normal eyebrow care? I won't go through this again! :D

  5. Hi Nikki! I would just like to ask how long does the hairs grow back, compared to the normal plucking? Hope you can answer me, as I'm contemplating if I should get my eyebrows threaded or just plucked. Thanks! :)

  6. Hi Madz, let's say it grows almost the same as plucking but just a tiny bit longer! :) What I like about threading is that it really comes off super neat :)


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