Friday, March 28, 2008

5 Beauty Crimes I'm Super Guilty Of!

Thanks to Liz of Lizterati for tagging me...hahaha I thought I got away...

I'm not including the "not cleaning the brushes" as I think almost all of us beauty addicts are guilty of that once or twice or more in our lives!

1. I love buying cosmetics! And I don't use them all! The worst? I always tend to use the newer ones and leave the older ones in VAIN :P

2. I don't drink much water as well, my skin are sooo dry and I'm still lazy to drink water :( Good thing I have a hubby who constantly reminds me to drink water!

3. I know I should put on lotion EVERY MORNING AND EVENING due to severe dryness of my skin, but I skip on it on those lazy mornings or nights.

4. Even though a certain product/brand works well for me, I tend to be disloyal due to my "bad case of curiosity" and buy on other brandsA just to TRY, and you know what the ending would be --- WASTE OF MOOLAH!

5. I'm allergic to pet hairs, but I still won't give up my 3 Pomeranian, I don't care if I have to scratch here and there from time to time, I'm NOT GIVING UP! *snnniiffff*

Anyone can be tagged and feel free to tell me what your beauty crimes are!!!

Your askmewhats,


  1. aaawwww! cute doggies! i wanna hug them! :-)

    anyway, I WAS guilty of not drinking enough water a few years back UNTIL i had kidney stones.

  2. *gulped* now now, I'm going to drink my water now....

  3. guilty to about not drinking water..

    who would give up hugging those cute lovely dogs??? i got a pomeranian too! :) hmm.. sisters in past life?

    mine is named Duke, he's white.. rescued him from a very bad pet shop! :)

    i'll do this too ayt?

    btw, far off topic. :) i wanna ask if sueash 28pcs has a brush similar to MAC 168 Large Angled Contour Brush or the angled one to contour cheeks and nose? :) hehe!

    TIA for the rep!!

  4.'ve got pom too? hehehe I'm so thinking about my dogs right now :) hehehe

    About your query, yes, the SUESH 28pcs brush set have the Large angled contour blush and it works great for contouring and those blushes! :) I think the 16pcs have them as well :) But the 28pcs brush is so worth it! :)

  5. oh

    your dogs are gorgeous!

    I had a pom a very long time and I now have two chiquaquas :)

  6. Awwww...look at the puppies! How adorable!


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