Friday, March 28, 2008

Reader's Corner: MAC 168 and SUESH Angled Brush

This is just a quick answer to a query of Ms. Shen from Kikay Pinay

Here's the MAC168 brush you've been eyeing for face contouring...

And here's the Suesh angled brush , there's a bit of difference with their appearances. Suesh angled brush is fluffier because it's not as compact as MAC 168, but for it's really soft bristles and affordable price, I would say Suesh brush was able to do it's purpose --- BORN TO CONTOUR hehehe

The Suesh Angled brush is available in their 16pcs set at Suesh website.

Hope this helps :)

Your askmewhats,


  1. Hey! Thanks for dropping by my blog...nice stuff you have there - I love the content! :)

  2. nikki's great. :)

    thanks for making this post. what a help. i could buy the 16pc. set with the price MAC 168 have.. :) lol.

    sis, the quality of Suesh brushes are unquestionable. i will make my savings P50 a day...

    mabili ko na kaya ang 28pc ng christmas? lol

    thanks!! :)

  3. thanks to you for dropping by as well beetrice :D

    Ms. Shen!!! Yes you can!!! 16pcs is quite in demand and always out of stock, that's the reason why I got hold of the 28pcs set and I'm soooo happy that the 16pcs is out of stock! hahahha Kaya mo yan sis! You can save up and buy those lovely brushes! So worth it! Goodluck!

  4. I'm sorry, i'm new in makeup, i know MAC, but what is Suesh ? who produce this brushes ? and compare to M-A-C ? whats better ? i dont mind to pay a bit more but get more :)

  5. Hi Alice, Suesh is a local brand and MAC of course is the well known international makeup company. Of course you really can't compare all the brushes, there are MAC brushes that can be easily duplicated by Suesh but there are some that are really incomparable! If you are starting up on makeup and want to practice, Suesh brushes isn't bad, I do own a 28pcs set myself and its good!


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