Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Askmewhats Version: "Wispy Look"

Back to work! I'll be going to work for 2 days this week then off for holidays again. For the rest of you who doesn't know, it's the Lenten season! A lot of people will be off to their hometown or off for vacation so Manila will be "surprisingly" quiet! It's the best play to drive around Manila this time of the year.

I have done a look using MAC pigment. Yes, I am not a pigment user but if I want a look that has impact, I do go for pigments because it always comes out vibrant and lively! :)

Here's my final version :D

And of course

The Askmewhats Diagram

I've primed my lids with Too Faced Shadow Insurance (thanks Shen), then use CS White Gel Liner all over lids as the base for pigments. Apply the white gel liner with a taklon brush then spread the gel liner all over lids with fingers to even it out.

Step 1:

Using MAC242 brush or any flat shader brush that's made of taklon, pat on MAC pigment in Vintage Gold on lid area going right above the crease. Use patting motion.

Step 2:

Using MAC 217 brush or any blending brush, I applied Ulta's e/s in Galaxy (thanks Toma), or any glittery black e/s on the outer v. Blending inward.

Step 3:

Pat on Makeup Masala Mineral in Tuta, a bright goldish yellow color) on the center of the lid with patting motion. Blend all 3 colors together, adding the colors as you go on depending on your preference.

Step 4:

Using my Digital Angel's palette, I applied the matte nude e/s color on the browbone going to the inner corner of the eye sweeping as I go on making sure there's no harsh lines.

Step 5:

Using CS White Angled Liner, or any liner brush you're comfortable with, apply a black gel liner all over the upper lashline going for the lower lash line. I am using CS True Black gel liner on this look.

Step 6:

Apply MAC pigment in Vintage gold on the lower lashline. Using CS White Gel Liner, apply it on the inner V of the eye to make the eyes pop.

Apply falsies if desired!
I am using 017 falsies bought from Landmark
Used Ardell Lash glue
with my tweezer

Applied P&J curly mascara in Black

Fill in your brows!
Final "wispy" look

And of course...
what's on the rest of my face?

For the Face

Paul & Joe Creamy Foundation no. 30
Paul & Joe Dual Powder Foundation no. 30

For the Cheeks

Contour and highlight
MAC Grand Duo in Light over Dark
78pcs palette 2nd blush color in Pink
on the apples of the cheeks

For the Lips

Line the lips with
MAC Ginger Root
MAC Viva Glam V

To make the lips pop

I applied a bit on the gold color
of Bath & Body Lip gloss

on the center of the lips

for 3D effect

And I'm saying HELLO to everyone!

And before I end this post, I want to add that on my CS Gel Liner in White post, some commented on wanting me to show them how to use the white gel liners for the eyes. I don't use them to line them all over my eyes. I use the White Gel Liner as ---

1. creamy base
2. line the waterline then top with eyeliner to make it last longer

3. use it on the inner corner of the eye for a wide awake look (just like photo below)

See how obvious the effect is?

It's even more effective
if you top it with a white e/s!

Hope i was able to answer the query of my readers!
and I hope this EOTD and FOTD brighten up your day! :)
Enjoy your day!
Keep smiling!

Stay happy!


  1. Soo pretty!! A little bit dramatic but it's so sexy~ Love the lashes too!

  2. thank you for explaining abt the white liner!!

  3. This is a look with some oomph in it! I like it a lot!

  4. Now I regret not picking up light over dark, the shades are so yummy together...the love rock I have is basically pink and pink, and I can only use it as blusher...

  5. Amazing! This is my favourite "Askmewhats version" look until now! Soo pretty!

    I think the colours flatters your skintone a lot! Also love the lippie you chose with this look. Great job! ;)

    And you blended the shadows so well!

  6. LOve how u blend everything togeter!

  7. I love this look! Very sexy and the gold goes so well with the black. Great job :D

  8. i loveee this loook! great job xox

  9. wow i love this look! make your eyes appear to be more dramatic, i like the colors combinations!

    thanks for adding my blog again to ur bloglist! you are sucha sweetie!=]

  10. Fuz, hey! Thanks, I do need some drama from time to time :P

    Yumeko, no worries, you know that whatever you request, I try to do it! LOL Coz you're a sweetheart! Glad you liked the explanation!

    Catherine, thanks!

  11. Citrine, I actually regret picking light over dark at first, I thought I was just sales-talked by the SA, I even wanted to return it, but after several uses, I came to love it and it works really good as blush and contour powder! All in one! I wanted the pink at first but the SA kept on telling me Light Over Dark works well on anybody!

    Jess, thank you for saying so! I appreciate that you like this version! I hope to do another favorite version of yours!

  12. Paint me Gorgeous,thanks love for leaving me a nice comment! :) It's nice to know someone loves my blending! :D

    Connie sweetie, thanks!!!

    Lovepink, thank you sweetheart! Hope to see you again here!

  13. it looks really well on you sis Nikki. :)

  14. wow you've got superb blending skills missy!! Love this smoky look, and the lashes go perfectly :)

  15. Very pretty look and a detailed description, thanks!

  16. Gorgeous, Nikki -- great palette for you, and your eyes look huge!

  17. cs tru black actually stays on your waterline?! sooo sad :( it doesn't stay on mine. Even when I pull at the skin a bit, to allow it to dry. Anyway great look :)

  18. Everything looks so pretty!!! Great job :D

  19. OMG!!! This has to be the best EOTD I have seen on you so far. I am going to copy this. And I hate to see you using CS palette! :(

    LOL don't mind me! :P

  20. This is a very pretty look! I wish I could blend like that! :)

  21. Sooo sexy! :) I love it sis! Imma try it one of these days. So glad you do that step by step explanation. Very useful for people like me who are newbies. Hehe.

  22. nikki you're looking so pretty!!! (ryhmed? haha) love this look, very sexy! ;-)

    did u do wet application with ur pigments? for some reason i find pigments to be really messy. i like collecting them, though. haha!

    anyway, your falsies look great on you, too. :)

  23. you look lovely with falsies! a very pretty smokey thats not over done!

  24. great blending! omg i love those lashes!

  25. Very pretty Nikki!! Your blending is IMMACULATE!! I'm jealous! lol!!

    Light over Dark looks so lovely on you!! I thought it looks really dark from swatches, but its so subtle on you!! i like!! :D

  26. wow very glam look sis! gold toned shadows suits you very well, am envious! silver works on me better kasi so i am envious of those who coukld pull of golds!

  27. Those lashes look tres hot on you. Ever thought of getting lash extensions? ;)

  28. Pretty! :D

    Buti ka pa you only get to work two days...I'm working through the entire holy week! :-/

  29. I like the way u use the white liner!

  30. Makemeup, no need to thank me, I just didn't know why it got lost on my blogroll :)

    Care G. thank you sis! Goodluck with your studies!

    Audrie, thanks for saying so! I'm glad you liked my blending skills :D

  31. Female_intuition , the detailed description takes a bit of time but it's worth it! thanks for the appreciation!

    Janine, happy Easter to you in advance too!!! Wow really, huge eyes? ME? I never thought I'll go into that category! :P

    Rasilla, so far, it doesn't stay too long, just an hour or so, but I always pat on black e/s on top of it, I only put gel liner on waterline if I'm off for a dark look!

  32. Tish , 2 words! THANK YOU!!! :D

    Tanya, thank you for dropping a sweet line!

    Jojoba, hey! thanks! Sorry that you have to see me use the CS Palette! Hey! I have to ! LOL and so far, it works ok for me :D Skip the CS palette part! LOL

    Jen,hey, I'm sure you can! it really takes a whole lot of practice and time!!!

  33. Soooo pretty! Love this look, Nikki! you did this look with pigments just awesome! And very very cool eye lashes!

  34. teeyah, show it to me if you did managed to try it ha? :D I'm sure you'll look pretty with these colors!

    Aquaracer, NIKKI PRETTY! YAY!!! Can we add SEXY? LOL all 3 rhymes! hahahha I applied my pigments dry, I am too lazy to wet it and I think it's even more vibrant if I foiled it, I didn't and so far with the right brush and the right pressing, it works good not messy at all! :)

    NicNic, thanks! I never look good in overly dramatic look! :D

  35. M, thanks! I like wispy lashes too! those are my faves and totally natural to look at!

    Jenn, thank you!!!! It does look very dark if swatched but I guess i'm using the right brush! :)

    Kim, LOL

  36. moiheartsmakeup, you like it? Naku, i'm sure you can pull off gold! I don't think I look good with silver..hmmm..I have to revisit silvers! thanks sis!

    Tine, I thought of lash extensions in the past but the idea of having it redone every month or something is a bit of a hassle for me..so I think I'll just go for falsies :)

    Gingerbee, actually it's not usual for us to follow PHilippine Holidays, we follow China Holidays only coz they are our client, but lucky lang this year! :) sorry you have to work the entire holy week! But I hope double pay?

  37. Ann, hey! Nice to see you here! It's great to know you, thanks for the comment.

    Anastacia, hey! thank you sweet heart!!!

  38. Sooo sexy eyes! I like smokey eyes on you! :) They look very hot! :D

  39. oh wow really pretty FOTD! i really like dark eyeshadows on you :D

  40. Wow this is such gorgeous look!! Your blending is awesome. I likey! :)

  41. I love this look :), it reminds me of reading old fascinating books in autumn :D.
    Yes that's a compliment, and no I have no idea where that came from XD.

  42. pretty!! :D
    thanks for explaining to us about the white liner! ^^

  43. pretty!! :D
    thanks for explaining to us about the white liner! ^^

  44. i must say this is your most dramatic eotd i have ever seen and i really like it!

    i don't think it's too much either. i think this is something you could wear out!

  45. Wow Nikki! how lovely.. you look good with dramatic looks.

  46. Ooh I really like this one! I might have to copy it soon :) I love black es with anything!

  47. Iyah, thank you :)

    Steph, really? hahahah Thanks for saying so!

    Neeyuhk, thank you! Thanks for liking my blending!

  48. Cris, hahahah you're right, I was thinking why it reminded you of reading old fascination books in autumn? hahahaha thanks for saying its a compliment and thanks for saying you don't know where it came from, coz I have no clue too! :) *Hugs* thanks for making me smile!

    miRaCLe, no worries, it's my pleasure!

    Jo, really? the most dramatic? hahaha When I did this look, going dramatic didn't came up to my mind! Thanks for saying it still works for me!

  49. Nehs, thanks sis! And shall I say, you look good in ANY color of makeup??

    PB, hey!!! I'd love to see your version! :) I'm sure you'll look HAWT!!!

  50. Whooooa! I think this is the best dramatic eye I have seen you do. It shows you amazing skills!

  51. K, thanks!

    B, hey! coming from you! I am so touched! *hugs momma!*

  52. nikki this is so pretty! this is one of my faves among all the looks you've done. i wish one day i can be as good as you!

  53. Sis, I love this look! You've got to teach me how to put falsies on :)

  54. So pretty! Those lashes look great on you!

  55. gorgeous as always sis! such an amazing look!

  56. i love the pigment color! beautiful!

  57. Musicalfanlovesminerals, wow! a fave of yours? thanks!!!

    Gracie, lol of course! I definitely will when we meet up :)

    Gio, thanks girl!

    Nessa, thanks sweet sis!!!

    Ladystarr, I am starting to love the pigment color too :)

  58. Love the look! I just received my first ever purchase of CS and I'm so excited to try it out! :) Thanks for the tip about the white CS gel liner!

  59. This has to be the best look you did so far. I love it! :)

  60. Mrs. Cheng Tyler Heu, thank you for the comment, and you're welcome on the CS Gel Liner White tip :) Hope it helps

    Ahleessa, thank you for saying so Ally! :)

  61. Wow you look gorgeous! This is really pretty!

  62. Jensmakeupbag, thank!

    Lydia, thank you for the comment! How have you been????

  63. I feel like I'm being repetitive lol but I must say once again..SO PRETTYYYY!!! Oh gosh. *gazes* at those wispy eyes of yours.

  64. These shades are my favorites right now, I'm glad I saw this fotd from you! I love gold! and I envy how you're able to blend them all really well. :) I did a gold fotd too but my blending is poor. :(

  65. Kasumi, so sweet :) Thank you!

    Kikay Morena, thank you for liking my blending, oh my this is a super old FOTD Na :)


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