Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekend Food Tripping at: Pepper Lunch

Hello everyone!!!

I want to say HUGE THANKS everyone for all the recommendation for making my dry skin better!!!! I have noted down all the products that you have recommended and I will definitely give them a try, well one at a time! I'll go bankrupt buying all of them! LOL

Anyways, back to the reason for this post!
Weekend food tripping time!!! I'm probably late in posting about this wonderful restaurant everyone's been buzzing about for the past months! Shen talked about this restaurant too!

My Stewardess friend came back home for a short visit and we've decided to meet up at Shangri-La Mall, Ortigas for a nice dinner with the rest of the college gang! :)

Here's the restaurant that's usually jampacked
and a lot of people lining up outside
We arrived really early to make sure to have our seats

These are the locations of Pepper Lunch
for the rest of Asia

Here's a cute menu
located outside the restaurant

They serve all the dishes on a very hot sizzling plate and you can see the meat or steak gets cooked right in front of you! Freshness!!!!

Combo 11
Combo Cut Steak and Burger
Php280 (approx $5.72) a la carte
Php380 (approx $7.75) set menu

For extra egg?
So cute

Pepper Rice

Combo 10
Burger Steak with Fried Egg
Php285 (approx $5.82) a la carte
Php360 (approx $7.35) set meal

Combo 6
Cut Steak
Php270 (approx $5.51) a la carte
Php345 (approx $7.41) set meal

Molten Milk Chocolate Cake
Php120 (approx $2.45)

Everything look scrumptious right?
The taste is even better than the photos :P
Have a wonderful week ahead everyone!
Stay happy!
Stay full!!!


  1. that restaurant looks amazing!

  2. its a bit strange but i havent even been to pepper lunch before
    i keep saying i will go though XD

  3. they have pepper lunch over here!! tasty and reasonably priced! food looks good there!

  4. Thank you for sharing, as I drool over the restaurant menu and your pics eating a rather boring congee!

  5. YUM!!I always love your food posts :D

  6. I would die if I could eat all that food! nom nom nom nom nom

  7. the dessert is making my mouth water! it looks like a big ball of ice cream lol

  8. The food looks so yummy! There's nothing better than a hearty meal when you're out hanging out with friends. And the restaurant looks perfect for a casual hang-out with your 'gang' :D

  9. man when i go to the PI, i'm gonna have to try this restaurant! it looks good. love that molten cake

  10. nikki, phil's pepper lunch beats australian pepper lunch anyday! ive been there once and wasn't pleased. the portions were so small and quiet expensive. must try it in philippines!

  11. i passed by this restaurant in msia a couple of times and read so much good reviews about it. i have to go try it one day!!!

  12. Hmm, I think the BF and I went to sizzling pepper steak, not pepper lunch! HAHAHAHHA. No wonder. Food and service was terrible at pepper steak o.o

  13. The fried rice looks so yummy! I love them... hehe~

  14. M, it really does, not big but right size to make it comfy!

    Yumeko, hey! i hope you find it :)

    Vanessa M, lol you like sizzling dishes too?

    NicNic, you've tried it in Japan? I wonder if they taste the same :)

    Jamilla Camel :) sorry, but congee tastes good!

    Audrie, thanks!

  15. Blair, and they taste good too!

    Gio, :)

    R, hahahaha don't die, just enjoy it one at a time!

    Lily, well the chocolate cake is moist and warm then you top it with cold ice cream, PERFECTION!

    Innerchild,so true, we stayed there for hours talking about memories and our present jobs! :)

    Jensmakeupbag, yes, better try it out when you're back home, I'll take you there!

    Jo,really? expensive and bad serving? they should be the same!!!!

    Prettybeautiful,let me know how much you like it..or don't like it :)

    Gingerbee, yup, I've tried Sizzling Pepper Steak and it's oily and not delicious at all!

    Ahleessa, if you're a pepper lover, go for this fried rice!

  16. waaahhh....I've heard sooo much about this but I haven't tried it yet!

  17. I can always rely on your food tripping posts to satisfy my appetite :D everything looks delicious!

  18. I miss eating at Pepper lunch! I used to eat there when I was still staying in Singapore! :) .. somewhere in Orchard road i think..hehe

  19. WOW! Yummy Yummy time! Like so much your weekends posts! Very interesting pix!!

  20. I got hungry looking at the photos, heehee :)

    Happy non-working Monday, Nikki :)

  21. Hi Nikki,

    Thank you for writing about Pepper Lunch, i am happy you enjoyed your food.
    We will be opening PL in Alabang Town Center by July. With Rockwell that makes 3 outlets, not to be confused with sizzling pepper steak ;-)

    cheerio, jeroen

  22. There's few branches in Jakarta too! I've tried to dine in twice and always left with my tongue burning! LOLz.

  23. Kim, give it a try but make sure to go there early! :)

    Tanya, lol photos can satisfy your appetite? You must be a very slim lady! Lucky you! LOL photos can never satisfy me, I want to eat more! :D

    R, awww..better eat some soon!

    Anastacia, thanks dear!

    Teeyah, sorry! Not intending to tease you!!!

    Jeroen, no worries, and thanks for letting us know more branches!!!

    Devi, hahah you must be eating them at once, I think you cannot be hungry if you dine here! LOL sorry about the brunt tongue!

  24. The restaurant looks gorgeous!<3

  25. Ji :) Yup, they are definitely a gorgeous place to be with friends and families!

  26. If you want to follow more about what is happening at Pepper Lunch, please check these sites:

    Have a great Holy Week!

  27. I love your food posts. makes me salivates haha


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