Sunday, April 5, 2009

Askmewhats Reviews: Ecotools Bamboo Eyeliner Brush

Hello everyone!!!

I'm alive and kicking because I had a good sleep yesterday! :) I am happy because I don't have work on Monday!!! I did say that right? But I want to shout it to the world!!! NO WORK ON A MONDAY!!!! Weeeeeeee!!!! lol

Before I go ballistic on a no work on Monday mode... let me proceed with my usual product reviews! :)

I have 2 reviews for Ecotools, one for the 5pcs brush set and the other one for the eyeliner brush. I will start with the Ecotools Eyeliner Brush because I am taking more time to "get to know" my 5-pcs brush set :)

This is what I got from MakeupMix Shop.

Ecotools Bamboo Eyeliner brush says ---

  • Earth-friendly beauty.
  • Cruelty free hair.
  • Natural & recycled materials.
  • This earth-friendly brush shows respect for the planet.
  • Bamboo handle has a low impact on the earth's resources as it is a highly sustainable plant.
  • Synthetic Taklon bristles are 100% cruelty free.
  • Sleek ferrule is made of recycled aluminum.
  • Reusable cosmetic pouch.
  • Made in China.
Askmewhats says ---

  • Each product are packed well! So professional looking!
  • Earth friendly, made of natural and recycled material!
  • 1% of the sales proceed goes to the Planet :)
  • brush is perfectly shaped, not too thin or thick, just the right shape and size to line your eyes!
  • handle length is perfect
  • no shedding

  • not available locally


I love this brush! I did say my HG brush is my Smashbox Eyeliner brush, but my smashbox isn't angled. The Ecotools Bamboo eyeliner brush is angled perfectly and applying gel liner or e/s as liner is a breeze. So easy to use, it's definitely fool proof!

Seeing "Made In China" could make people react, but this is definitely made with great quality control. I love how it looks so expensive but the price is so affordable. Recently a reader left a comment on my cbox asking for a great gel liner brush, I would say this is the best especially if you're just starting to apply gel liner!

I love this brush!

  • wipe or wash your brushes gently
  • if you use this brush for gel liners, clean the brush hairs with oil first before you proceed with regular brush cleanser.
  • you can also use this brush to apply liner using your eyeshadows!
Will I repurchase?

If needed, YES!

Where can I purchase and how much?

At the Makeup Mix Shop for $3.75 (approx Php 185.00)

Here's a close up shot of the brush
to show how perfect it is

The bristles are perfect!
No flyaways!

Handle is made of bamboo
well printed

Long Handled

(6 inches)

And here's why I love
Ecotools product

1% of the sales
goes to the Planet!

And this was the swatch I did
for the CS White Gel Liner
using the Ecotools Bamboo Eyeliner brush

Hope this review helps for people out there
who's looking for a great eyeliner brush!
You can't go wrong with the price too!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
Stay Happy!!!!


  1. i LOVE ecotools! SUCH good quality!

  2. ecotools are super intriguing! I've been hearing raves after raves about them and now that I know that they have liner brush I want my own as well! :p the angle looks like it is easy to glide on the eyes. (coz my eyes are puffy i can't make a nice line)
    thank you for the review!

  3. thanks for the review nikki ^_^ i havent used my 6pc set, still admiring it. hehehe glad to know that it works great!

  4. thanks for the review!! I will go check this brand out next time I'm at the drugstore :D

  5. Hehehe, I LOVE EcoTools brushes. They're my absolute favorite. :D

  6. thanks for sharing!!! i am stll in love with the white liner!

  7. That really sounds like a nice brush! When I put makeup at all I always use a brush rather than a sponge tip... it just seems to be easier to apply.
    I'm bookmarking the nail polish site you gave me. That is a great price for nail polish!!!

  8. lucky! i wish i had no work on monday!

    i love this brush more than the mac eyeliner brush cuz it's thicker and more fool proof for me.

  9. I like eyeliners that are angled too!, sometimes I'm soo busy, those are easiers than the pointed brushes.!

    thanks for the review!

  10. ooooh i've never tried ecotools..wala kasi sa area namin when i was in the us.. sana meron narin dito, everything here sucks..i wish pinas made more nice stuff

  11. Paint Me Gorgeous! So far, I haven't read any bad things about ecotools YET! :)

    Gia, if you plan to purchase, may try to purchase from friends who's in the US :) And it really works! I love it more than my HG Smahsbox now! :)

    Prettybeautiful, lol! I know what you mean, I don't want to use my 5pcs yet but I really want to try them out! :)

  12. Audrie, yes! I believe they sell it at your local CVS , goodluck!

    Catherine, awwww that's nice to know!!!

    Yumeko, awww Yumeko! That's the one from CS right? though it doesn't go sharp, I will do a revisit to it, coz I'm loving it too!

  13. Abby, yes! :) Goodluck shopping and do let me know what you purchased in the future! :)

    Lily, sorry, this is the first time for me to have NO WORK on a monday, I don't follow Philippine holidays but Chinese holidays, I'm glad for the first time, the PHilippine holiday this coming Monday coincides with the China Holiday! At least both the hubby and I can enjoy no work on a manic monday! :) Thanks for sharing about loving this brush more than MAC, I am actually thinking of purchasing the one from MAC!

    Mary,no problem! It's my pleasure to do this review!

    miemiemie, Yeah, i heard about Ecotools being hard to find! Gosh, if they stock down here in the Philippines, I'm sure sales will go way HIGH! You know how kikay naman Filipinos are! :)

  14. uhhh.. now i regret not getting one from the makeup mix shop when they are having free shipping!! :p

  15. Hi Nikki! RE: HIP Jelly Balm... if you have very, very dry lips, I would suggest you to get Rosebud Salve over the Jelly Balm, for a similar textured product. I think the Rosebud Salve works better, and it's like 3x the amount for 1/2 the price. The HIP Jelly Balm is less goopy, but I don't think that's worth the price difference.

    Alternatively, if you're like me and have ridiculously dry lips (like, nothing lasts all night on your lips and you wake up with dry, flaky lips every morning) I highly, highly recommend Physicians Formula Plump Potion. I know it sounds really weird, but it really is the most moisturizing lip treatment I've ever tried. Once you let it set for a couple hours or so, you can rub your fingers over your lips, and that allows you to rub off all the dead skin without any tearing or bleeding. I was amazed. Then, the first time I wore it to bed, I almost cried upon waking up the next morning, because my lips were still soft and protected - something that hadn't happened in at least 7 years. I drink a lot of water everyday, but still had issues with dry lips. PF's Plump Potion allows me to wear lipstick during the day now. Truly life-changing for me. I introduced a friend who has really dry lips to it too and she loves this gloss as well. The only downside is that it is really sticky... so I usually only wear it to bed.


  16. YAY for Ecotools!! I have some Ecotools then I gave it to my mom :) they had great qualities :)

  17. Ecotools is really good for the price!
    glad you liked it!

  18. i wish you had written more cons than not available locally. so it's really that good. darn it. not avaialable locally here either. LOL

  19. I agree with you when you say it looks expensive and professional yet its really cheap! :D

    I just wish it's available locally as well!! Bummer...

  20. Ooooh I've been reading up about this brand! I'll be waiting impatiently for your other reviews! I'm so interested in the eyeshadow brush!

  21. oh wow! you know what, i have the exact same brush! but sadly, i haven't used it yet. i have to agree, i love the packaging and the fact that its eco-friendly! haha. im gona try it out tomorrow thanks to your post. :D

  22. miRaCLe, I think they're sold out for now...I hope she restock soon! :)

    Catherine, hey thank you so much, you are like thhe nth person to suggest Rosebud Salve,, I really have to purchase it as soon as I'm done with my Kiehl's :) Thank you so much for all the tips..i'll take note on that! :)

    Iyah, awww your mom is kikay too?

    Kasumi, I know, price is great and product is wonderful!

  23. Jojoba , sorry I tried to write as many cons but I found none for now!

    Jenn, I know what you mean! Great products are always too far of a reach for us!!!

    K, hmm..I wonder how their e/s brush works, let me know if you purchased one! I did not purchase any as I have a couple of e/s brushes already! :)

    Steph,go ahead! use it! LOL You definitely have so many brushes that you forgot about this!

  24. wished they did ecotools over here :( the brush looks good, a good knock-off for the MAC 266!!

  25. NicNic, the good ones are so hard to find!!!! Wow ! knock off for MAC266, I don't need to purchase the MAC one !:D

  26. I don't have this brush, but I have a few of the others, and they're fantastic. So I'm sure this would be good too :)

  27. This is one of my favorite eyeliner! :)

  28. Tine, they are really good I love it!

    Ahleessa, good quality !!! :) Thanks for letting me know you love yours too!!!

  29. This looks so good!!! I have a MAC 266 brush that is very similar, but I've had it for so long I've been lagging on getting a new one (I use it for both brows and liner). This looks like a good (and cheap) alternative- I'll definitely have to be on the lookout for it!

  30. i use ecotools too, they're great quality brushes. i love it!

  31. Tanya, well..get this one! :) it's way cheaper!! Saves you bucks!

    Miss Janelle, :) Nice to know you love your Ecotools :)

  32. I've heard many raves for this brush; thanks for the closeup of it.


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