Saturday, April 4, 2009

I Wonder: "What's the Best Body Moisturizer?"

Warning: X-rated content! LOL

Dear Readers:

I've written many times about the dryness of my skin. Well, this is the time...the show what extent of dryness I'm talking about. That's my sexy legs by the way! LOL Not my arms! ok? hahaha

Yes, sad to say, I do live on a tropical country with NO winter, but my skin looks like it's winter all year round. That's how my leg looks like prior to applying lotion. Even if I moisturized, it'll turn back looking like that after an hour or so.

So it's time for me to ask:

"What's the Best Body Moisturizer you can recommend?"

Comment section is definitely open
for all your ideas! :)

Can't wait!!!
Stay Happy!

Stay dry-free !


  1. Korres! But I know that's probably hard for you to get... Could give Clarins a try.

  2. When I have very dry or cracked skin (bottom of my feet), I slather on vaseline overnight! It does wonders for me... It can be kind of messy so you'll need to put on clothing or change your sheets the next day. I usually see results the next morning!

  3. vaseline heated then mixed with some grape seed oil...sounds disgusting but it works well for my hands and feet (driest part of my body...)

  4. I have problem with dryness too! My face is oily but my body is super dry..the "longest" moisture I got is from Venus and Mars cleopatra rub in Melon...though it is only for a couple of hours, at least it works might want to try it :)

  5. Jergen's Cocoa Butter, Vaseline Instensive Therapy or Olay Quench! I experienced living in the Pinas and here in Canada and my legs look JUST like that... however, with the help of either of those three... they look less parched!

    I'll look around my drugstores if I can find sample sizes if they're not available there in the Philippines just so you can try them! I'll contact you when I do so you can send me your mailing info ahaha.


  6. Hi! Honestly, the best skin moisturizer I can think of is a solid lotion bar. I like ones from Lush, but I also make my own using grapeseed oil, cocoa butter & beeswax (1:2:1 ratio, approximately). I think sweet almond oil and shea butter are really nice too. When I find a bar with a really good consistency, I love how it only melts enough for my skin, and how fast it sinks in. The oil and butter really deep moisturize while the beeswax conditions the skin and forms a protective barrier against drying out further (but doesn't suffocate the skin like petroleum or mineral oil). My favorite one you can buy is Lush's Therapy bar. Otherwise I still have a few from the last batch I made and would be happy to send you a couple. =)

  7. I have awfully dry skin as well!! The best body moisturizer that I have used so far is The Body Shop's Body Butter. My favorite is Papaya, not only for the scent but also the great texture because not all body butters are made the same!! The texture differs vastly between scents, and the ingredient list also differs. Papaya is the best one I've used so far, hope that helps!

  8. Gettin' kinky with the pics are we? LOL!! I have to pick 2: Avon's Intense Moisture Therapy and Aveeno lotions work great for my itchy winter skin.

  9. Aveeno!!! Healed eczematous skin of hubby too.

  10. I know the best soap you should use for dry skin is oatmeal soap. Not really sure about lotion...I have a supply of lotion from my mom and sisters hehehe so I just use anything they gave me.

  11. I absolutely adore St Ives Whipped Silk, which is great for use at tropical countries. A tad too light when used in Australia, but I still use it during the day. At night, I'd like to be a little more luxurious; I use Sohum (only available in Melbourne, I'm afraid). Fantastic stuff :)

  12. hi nikki! I used elipse body oil after taking shower. yung hindi pa ko nagpupunas ng towel sa body. I apply the body oil, tsaka lang ako magpupunas. then lotion. :)

  13. clinique body oil, I heard it's nice too. :) pero hindi ko pa sya natry.

  14. Sympathy for the Skin from LUSH :)

  15. I use bath and body works body butters. They are truly amazing, my skin feels soft even until the next morning!

  16. Hay naku sis, problem ko rin dry skin. Here are some of the products i have used and found to be effective:

    1. Body recipe goats milk + body butter - less than P100 for 50g at HBC. Non greasy like TBS's but way more affordable.
    2. Neutrogena body oil - the gigantic bottle will last you a looooong time. Apply it after bath while your skin is still wet. Dry up and apply any regular lotion. VCO and EVOO are cheaper alternatives.
    3. Emu oil - same with the body oil pero use sparingly. Multipurpose din coz pwede sa insectbites, muscle pains, and even hairloss!
    4. Bayer dermal therapy - the most moisturizing product i tried. this is esp made for patients with diabetes so curative talaga. i dont have diabetes but on extremely cold days, this is my skin's salvation. the downside is, it's only available online thru the bayer website.
    5. Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream - another skin savior. Sobrang thick na hand cream pero kaya nya lahat ng levels of dryness. it's mild and unscented too, i can apply it on my face.

    Lastly, i believe that moisturizing starts with the soap. during dry spells, i only use dove cream bar or dove extrasensitive. There are other good moisturizing soaps out there, but i prefer these products coz i'm partial to mild scents.


    Have a great weekend!

  17. Aveeno lotion!! :) me and my daughter use this because of skin asthma (really icky dry skin) :)

  18. are you lookin for a drugstore brand or department store ??

    For drugstore brand, I lovee Nivea. I finished about 4 bottles..heheheh You might think its a bit oily but it will alll sink in !


    Department brand ?
    Clinique has a lot of good ones. Is there H20 brand there ?
    I heard their stuffs are amazing

    hope u can find it !


  19. the best body butter i have ever tried (and it's loads better than body shop's) is the cream from -421. it's this brand that makes skin care products out of dead sea salt. grabe i was so amazed when i put it on. unlike other body butters where you need to put a lot of product in order to moisturize, with this one you need a really tiny bit to moisturize the entire arm. and the moisturizing effect really lasts all day! without the greasy feel pa. plus the scent is heavenly and doesn't easily evaporate. i don't know why its so moisturizing, maybe its because of the dead sea mineral oils or something. the products are available at kiosks called Holy Land. i've seen one in MOA and another in trinoma. tapos i saw some stocks in crossings edsa shang also.
    p.s. their body scrubs are also great, and a tub can last you several months...

  20. sis, try body butters like the one the ones from the body shop or my fave embodyment. i'll give you one when we get our oscillation soon! i have dry skin too and it helps keep my skin moisturized. :)

  21. Fuz, Korress, nah, it is definitely hard for me to find. Clarins make good body moisturizer? Thanks Fuz, I didn't even know they have body moisturizer :)

    Mrs. Cheng Tyler Heu, hey! It's my first time to see you here, thank you for your recommendation, I have tried vaseline in certain the knees or elbows. but haven't tried for the whole body, true enough, it is messy, but I can try it if I get desperate! :)

    Paint Me Gorgeous, hmm..I think I've tried Aveeno from a sample from dear friend Toma, I may have to look back and see if it works for me! :) thanks

  22. Citrine, wow..that is like a homemade remedy, intresting! thanks for sharing.

    Crystal Gale, I think it has to do with being in an air conditioned room at work! Hmm..never heard of those brand you mentioned, where can I purchase it?

    Shexilicious, before, Jergens work so well on me, but I think they changed formulation or they were made somewhere I don't know! The funny thing is, I'm still here at Pinas and look at my skin!!! Bummer no? hehhe hey, thanks so much for being such a nice person! I appreciate your reco!

  23. Catherine, I have to really try Lush now, I've always thought they are just for relaxation because of the scent, but sounds like it really works! thanks! I may look at it soon! Thanks for the offer, that is too sweet of you but don't need you to go through the trouble! :) I will look for it, thanks again for the offer *hugs*

    Audrie, I have tried TBS Body Butter, it does work but not long lasting :) I've used Mango and the scent is WONDERFUL :) :) :) thanks for letting me know , at least I know I'm right about TBS body butters! :D

    Toma, hahahah HEY! No kinkyness! this is serious matter dear! hahaha Yes, I remembered asking you about the lotion for dryness and the samples you sent works great! I will have to choose between Aveeno and Lubriderm :D

  24. Nikkiz, where can you purchase Aveeno locally? I just know Greenhills! :)

    Kim, outmeal soap? Hmm..I think I've tried it in the past, but I really haven't seen any changes, for now, I think I'm more on the Liquid body wash! :)

    Tine, St. Ives, hmm..never thought about the brand, the only St. ives product I've used is their apricot scrub :) thanks for helping me out!

    Nehs,oh yeah, I remembered thinking about Body Oil when I got desperate, but you're right, I was a bit hesitant because of the greasiness! But since you said it's not greasy, I may take a look! thanks!

  25. Teeyah, wow..more points for LUSH! Now I am intrigued!

    Female Intuition, I am currently using Bath and Body works lotion and body butters too, smells great relieves my dryness, but I find that it's not long term for me, my skin is totally out of this world! LOL

    Amor, hey! thanks!!!!

  26. kittenpaws215 , wow..that is so detailed..I enjoyed reading your recos! I have to look back, Body Recipe, good ba talaga yan? I've used their mask and I got allergic to it :( :( :( I do use Neutrogena body wash and they help! So the body oil could be something worth looking at! wonderful tips! Thanks, i'm noting down everything!!! :) It helps!!!

    Care G., wow another top rated brand! Aveeno! Thanks!!!

    Beeyoutiful7, I may look at any! Well LA MER for sure works but not that kind of high end! hhahha My skin will be pretty but my whole body won't be happy because I won't eat for years! LOL

    Blue, oh no...never tried this brand..and didn't even know they exist, thanks for the recommendation! Can take a look when I visit those malls you mentioned!

    Shen, hey sistah! :) Thanks for the offer! too sweet of you! I'd rather see you na lang even without you giving me na! :)

  27. Hiii Askemewhats, I'm a new reader but I love your blog so here's my choice for body lotion:

    Cetaphil Cream in the Jar

    I have dry, sensitive, eczematic skin and this keeps it under control. I use something else for just my elbows and back (areas that's the most dry, with frequent eczema breakouts---er patches; you don't want to see them :x) cos I think it'll be too emollient for your legs. I use a cortisteriod for my eczema patches, it's called Topicort, and you can only get it from prescription.

    Korres Body Butter

    This is nice too, keeps my skin smooth, but the Cetaphil cream is more moisturizing I think. The Korres feels elegant on the skin cos it's so lightweight (absorbs into the skin).

    Hopes this helps! :)

  28. Btw, I've used Aveeno for years and it's not as moisturizing as the Cetaphil. I won't use Cetaphil for my face, but for body it's great! Remember, get the creeeam. I hope you can find it in drugstores in the Phillipines :)

    I've also tried Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream. It has a very strong rose scent (which I don't appreciate) so be aware. I've yet to find a light-to-no scented hand cream that I love. So far it's Curel's Hand Cream...

  29. Maybe u can try what my sis is using, L'occitane Almond Milk Concentrate. It cost more but can last u a long time though

  30. hmmm i cant think of anything that is REALLY moisturizing, i would recommend some body essential oils though. i have really dry skin at the back of my neck (cause by sweat and long hair, and some scratches). so i would apply essential oil on the area and it does help to soothe the dry flakes.

  31. i also live in the pHils. so I can totally emphatize. I have two HG to share with you:

    1. DOve bar soap - my HG soap since elementary. I also have extremely dry skin (it's in our genes), but ever since my mom gave me this bar back then, I was hooked. Yeah, I was kikay even at a young age. LOL.

    2. Nivea Intensive care milk lotion.
    - This works all year round. It is not sticky in the summer, but also perfect in cold days (ber-months til early feb) because it does the job well without the greasy or heavy feeling.

    hoped that helped.

    XOXO, aubrey ;)

  32. I have the same problem as you. My skin gets really really dry like that most especially my legs :(

    I suggest Aveeno because its just too moisturizing. My mother in law always ask for that whenever somebody goes home to the Philippines (yup she resides there :D)

    But I also like Korres :D

  33. aww, something i've been asking too for a long time (i have occasional flare-ups of eczema & icthyosis).

    a way to use oil without the greasy feeling:

    apply virgin coconut oil before taking a bath- didn't think this would work but it actually does :)

    then, use a non-drying soap like ilog maria's honeymilk soap or dove.

    afterwards, i also recommend using aveeno daily moisturizing lotion or neutrogena norwegian body moisturizer (not available in the phils though).

    apply the lotion throughout the day, especially when your skin feels really dry. good luck! :)

  34. I thought those were my legs!!

    Anything with cocoa butter or shea butter. Actually Shea Butter is my favorite, so anything which has a high cocoa/shea butter content really works for me!

    Also, E45 cream for seriously dry skin works well..they use that in hospital in the UK!!

  35. Nikki, when I'm financially able to buy items for swapping again (I'll let you know), I can get the Korres body butter for you - it's only like 10 Euros here in Greece :D!
    It's a bit odd really, everyone seems to love this brand and have/want tons of their stuff, and the only thing I have by them is sunscreen. I want to try some of their lip balms, but they're not the cheapest and you know I have loads already, lol.

  36. Innerchild, thanks so much for dropping by!!! Cetaphil, oh yeah! I think I saw their body lotion and didn't even looked twice..thanks for letting me know it works! :) I have very sensitive skin too so your recommendations are wonderful! I think we have Cetaphil available in the Philippines (I think, so I'll watch out)

    Jessie, L'occitane, oh yeah...I have never tried any of their products, I only got samples from them!

    Prettybeautiful, that's the problem, we're scared of too moisturizing product because of the weather we have down here!

    Aubrey Nicole, Dove Bar Soap, yup I've used it and so far it did help reduce dryness a bit, just have to top with a super good lotion! I think I have used Nivea Intensive Milk Lotion, but that was years ago! I may have to look back! Yes, it helps thank you! :)

  37. Iyah , hmm..Aveeno really wins the vote on this comment section! :) It must be really good. Korres! Another vote for this, but I have to let it go as I don't see them here! :) For now! Thanks Iyah for the help!

    Ida, sorry but I think I have to say NO to Virgin Coconut oil, I am not into Coconut oil or scents :) Ilog Maria! OH YEAH! I have used their facial wash! How could I forget!!!! Thanks for the step by step guide, i appreciate it!!

    Jamilla Camel! I have a feeling we have the same dry skin and body!!! lol Thanks! E45 cream..hmm..I'm clueless!

    Cris, aww thanks for being so sweet :) No worries! I appreciate the offer though :D

  38. hey girl.
    having dry-ish skin like yours is much better than legs like mine.
    i have scars all over and have no choice but to wear long pants out every where i go to hide them.
    the lotion which did improve my condition would be rosken.
    im using the vitamin e in orange one for scars.
    you can try the intensive dry skin one in blue.
    its cheap and good.
    many of my classmates uses them for dry crack skins too. :)

  39. Cetaphil cream or their moisturizing lotion =)

  40. Nikki, Aveeno is locally available in big department stores, groceries and Watson's. They're really good because of their oatmeal content that's healing for dry skin. There are a lot of variants for the lotion, body washes, soaps. they also last 12 hours on the skin (like a whole day for me). If you're a member of S&R, sale until tmorrow pati Aveeno since I just came from there this afternoon. For sure, you'll find them at Watson's MOA and Rustan's supermarkets so you you don't have to check out all shops. Hope this helps.

  41. Oh, I forgot to add...a huge bottle of the 12oz. lotion pump lasts around a year or more with daily use so sulit even if it's a bit expensive.

  42. Wow! Lots of responses!

    Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream is what my derma prescribed for my super duper dry skin. It's very good, if only I'm diligent enough to put some on me. Hahaha! I bought this at my derma coz it's cheaper. P800 for the 20oz, before. You can find this at Mercury Drug.

  43. I'm using Ilog Maria soap right now coz my friend was raving about it. But what I've been using for years since my derma pronounced I have very dry skin is Dove Beauty Bar Soap. Choose one with little additions in it like the Sensitive Skin Unscented. Personally, I like the Gentle Exfoliating coz I'm all for getting rid of dead skin cells. Hehe!

    Tips my derma gave me: don't shower too long... it should be more or less just around 5 minutes. And the water should not be hot, just borderline warm. She asked me to get a timer. I did that for awhile and it really helped. But I really like to just stand under the hot water. And so I got a big dark ugly splotch of dry skin on my leg that can only treated with topical ointment. Now I need to go see my derma again after so many years. I'm sure I'll get a sermon from her about it. I'm just a stubborn kid! Hahaha!

  44. I have extremely dry legs as well. but sadly I do not care to take care of them! :/
    I hope you find your body moisturizer you're looking for! Maybe then I will start :)

  45. hello dearie!

    do you think that your water intake may be contributing to your dry skin? ;) try drinking more water, it might help..

    as far as products go, ~H20+ and TBS have done wonders for the scaly bits on my legs (oh, and if you can get your hands on Gloves in a Bottle, even better!)

  46. wow!! so many reco :D
    you must be busy making your perfect choice! ^^ good luck!!

  47. I agree with inner child: Cetaphil cream in the TUB (not the pump). My husband has really dry skin (he has psoriasis) and my little boy has eczema, and that's the only product that has deeply moisturized their uber-dry skin without making it look like they dipped in a tub of hot, greasy lard. Emu oil also wouldn't hurt. I mix the Cetaphil and emu oil and apply it on my son's body and it keeps him moisturized the whole day. HTH!

  48. LyNn, I am so sorry to read about the scars, how did the scars happen? Rosken..hmm..I wonder what that is, never heard of it..I'll be googling about it!!!

    Anonymous, Cetaphil again! wow!!! Must be really good!

    Nikkiz, you know what? I remember now, thank you so much for replying again and for letting me know! I've been a homebody for too long! LOL So true about those huge products, they last eventhough they are expensive, they are worth it!

    Cajnel, I know!!! I've been taking down notes and enjoying this, I won't be able to buy everything but I have a clear idea on where to start! I want to thank you for typing so much for me! I appreciate it!!! I appreciate the effort for sharing the tips from the derma!!!

    Kasumi, oh no, you should start caring about them before you feel sorry for them. I ignored the dryness on my skin and now, I am suffering, it itches because of dryness, and I can't stop scratching so I'm getting marks!!! I have to pay for it! LOL I hope you start caring for yours Kasumi :)

  49. Bee, you are right, water intake is a huge factor, I wasn't drinking much before but since I got married, I got a hubby who's nice enough to always remind me to drink a lot, but I think it's inborn :) Thanks for the recommendation Bee.

    miRacle, yes! i am too busy deciding now! LOL Thanks

    TheshadesofU, wow! thanks, I hope your hubby and li'l boy are ok!! Well you are caring so much for them, I'm sure they are having great skin now! thanks for sharing the tips !!!

  50. An award was given to you on my blog!! come check it out!!

  51. i heard aveeno is good but i have not tried it

  52. Heehee, I just suggested Sympathy for the Skin because it's totally for drier skin types [some due to cold weather]. Did try using it but found it too thick for our weather :( I can vouch for Aveeno, too. Now hat I remember, there's this brand for sensitive skin that is very moisturizing, called Eucerin. It may be hard to find it here, though. I bought mine in the US. But whatever you choose, I hope it does work out so the 'dry spell' will be put to an end :)


  53. Hi Nikki!!! Recently I am using Vaseline Problem Skin Therapy Its on a tub and its really for dry skin. Although my face is uber oily my body is dry. It has a very thick formula and I only use it at night.

  54. Now I'm using Aveeno Stress Relief moisturizing lotion
    calms and relaxes with lavander, chamomile and ylang-ylang and with natural clloidal oatmeal

    I like it so much! very good stuff, good moisturizing

  55. try neutrogena body oil or the body shop dry oil mist :)

  56. Mary, thanks!

    Yumeko, thanks, you don't have dry skin on your body right? I do know you have oily skin on your face! Darn oily and dry skin are both big hassle!

    Teeyah, I have heard about Eucerin but I think there is an issue about the ingredients! I did put it up on my "to buy" list but I read something (i forgot) so I crossed it out :) Thanks..we do have them sold down here, at Greenhills specialty stores! :)

    Royalmocha, hey thanks!!! *hugs*

    Anastacia, take down note, Stress relief sounds..wonderful!!! Thanks

    Bambi, yeah, a lot of people told me to use the OIL, i'm just scared of any products that has OIL attached to it! lol thanks Bambi for the reco!

  57. Hi Nikki!

    We have the same dilemna, my legs are uber dry also and i've tried a lot of lotions already from those traditional to organic ones. So far the best for me is Dove Pro Age lotion. It's super long lasting talaga and it seals in moisture. Its supposed target market are the oldies hehe but me am loving this on my legs. Works great even if i'm in the US or here in the Phils. Hope this helps :)

  58. I'm a big fan of Korres, but I use the body shop body butters too - but only at night, since they're on the oily side, so I slather some on my legs and put on pj pants...and the next morning legs are super soft!

  59. Nikki: I've found body butters to work better - extremely rich though. Having said that, I don't like those from TBS.

    One way to counteract your dryness is to use an oil first and then use a lotion. If you find it troublesome, do this only once a day in the night. I recently fell in love with Lavera Rose Body Oil but I'm not sure if you can get it over there.

    Or Egyptian Magic Cream is something I would recommend for your dry skin, just that the smell is another story altogether...

  60. aveeno apparently works. i've been having dry skin too and i'm using vaseline's intensive care lotion.. it's workng okay though i still get a bit dry, maybe try regular vaseline? :P

  61. Though my skin gets dry due to scrubbing too much, I still am lazy to put on moisturizers. If I do, I would either slather on Vanilla Company's 50% Cocoa Butter which is surprisingly moisturizing (it also smells heavenly! imagine bathing in chocolate! hehehe) or Venus&Mars' Cleopatra Rub. I have also tried Aveeno, and it's pretty good. My sister, whose skin flakes like crazy (I call her a snake when her skin starts scaling) uses dry oil mists or emu oil based products. She also found my 50% Cocoa Butter to be very moisturizing. Hope this helps Nikki.

  62. My legs are very dry too!! I find scrubbing them every other day works best coupled with a body moisturizer!

    The most moisturizing one i've tried so far is the mango one from The Body Shop!! But it smells really really sweet and strong so i don't know if many people will like it or not! :)

  63. Anne, Dove Pro Age, wow..thanks! i have to look into that too!!!

    Mayaari, wow Korres must be really good!!! thanks for another recommendation!!! At least those products mentioned here are mostly mentioned many times :)

    Sesame, thanks I've read your review about the body oil and also the Egyptian Magic Cream, i have to admit, you got me so intrigued with it when I read it! :)

  64. Jenn, Regular vaseline, I've used it on my heels and knees, it is ok but it is a bit yucky lol thanks for the tips

    Tish, oh no, I think I have the same skin with your sis! I'm a snake too! LOL Cocoa butter looks helpful I guess, thanks for your help!!! and tips!

    Jenn, TBS scents are ok for me! :) thanks

  65. I torture the skin on my body, often forget. I recommend Palmer's body butter, very moisturizing. My sister has very dry and eczema and it's really nourishing for her. I use happy Bath days when I can remember lol, smells of rose!!

  66. NicNic, I know exactly what you're saying, we take care of our faces but our body!!!! LOL :) Thanks for the tip!

  67. Connie, HOW DARE you say that! hahaha I was expecting someone to say it and I can't believe its from you!!!! ahahahah You know how I feel about La mer! hahhaa

  68. Sis, you'll know what I'm gonna say. I do get etremely dry skin as well and I just can share your agony on this one. However, since discovering the greatness of Creme de la Mer, dry skin is not an issue anymore. I know it's not the cheaspest skin care that you could ever buy over the counter but it really works? With the way I look at things... I'd rather spend 'a little' (;)) bit more on something that works than on cheaper ones that don't work at all. However, if Creme de la Mer body creme is beyond your budget, try Vaseline intensive rescue moisture locking body lotion for very dry skin. I've been using Vaseline for over 15 years now and I've been happy with its moisturizing power. Creme de la Mer on the other hand is probably the HG (Bloody HG!) of moisturizers... It's mega moisturizing, luxury and does improve the skin texture as well. You'll see what I mean in August sis hahaha!!!!

    Sis, I should really post this on my review but there you go... you got it first... Seen first in your blog site ;)

    I hope you resolve your dry skin problems soon :)

  69. Nikki, don't scratch. That's how I got my patches and they are harder to treat. Sarna Lotion (also from my derma, don't know if they have that in Mercury Drug) works wonders for the itchiness.

  70. I have dry skin too! Nivea Intensive Milk Lotion (blue container) worked for me.. Have you tried Body shop's body butters?

  71. Gracie Ate! LOL I nkow you are going to say that!!!! I will settle for less and purchase LA MER maybe...after my ipon lol! I know it works coz I've tried La Mer at the counter and just one use really made a huge difference, no need to reapply for the whole day!

    Cajnel, thanks, I know, i have the tendency to scratch which makes it even worse! Sarna Lotion, oohh let me take a look at it! thanks for the recommendation!

    Khymm, yup! i've used TBS Body Butter, it's ok but I guess it's my fault too, I am not consistent! LOL

  72. I currently use BODY SHOP's Strwaberry Body Butter. It really smells good but I think I'm going to change it. It does not moisturize that much and it's a bit sticky. I'm using BLISS hand cream (got it from Sephora ) and I gotta say I'm quite impressed because it works really good. I'm gonna browse for their body stuff and they have a spa here in New York City so I might try that too. ;p ...but so far, I'm still looking.

  73. Been googling abt dry skin and found this.....thanks for the posts :) Anyways, I checked in Rustans and did not find Eucerin, its very effective for me....I like it coz it has no Paraben (cancer causing ingredient) whenever I buy I check on the ingredients first and when there's a sign of matter how effective it is...Im not buying dear bloggers pls help me...where can i find Eucerin products in Manila? Thanks a lot! :)

    1. Try Taste Central, they are sold out now but you can leave your email so you get a notification once stocks are back! :)

  74. I highly recommend Eucerin Daily Defense Moisturizing Body Crème. Eucerin products are hard to find from drugstores so it is best that you purchase it online. Here’s a link to help you out:

  75. thanks pauline reyes, my alam ka ba kung saaan ako makabili ng Kordel's Zest for men

  76. thanks for the link pauline, tagal ko na hanap ng eucerin, now naghahanap then po ako ng Kordel's Zest for Men bka my link ppo kayu


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