Thursday, March 13, 2008

My 28pcs Suesh Brushes

I am so happy!!!! I finally got a complete brush set!!!! Well I've been buying lots of brushes individually but I am always eyeing for a good brush set that's, of course, on the budget!

Remember I told you guys about the CAS classes that I modeled for? I was so into learning as well so I was looking around what my friend is using. She was using this powder blush on my face, which by the way felt sooooo good and doesn't hurt at all, and I just can't keep my eyes off the 16pcs brush set right in front of me. I gave up and asked her. This is what she reacted when I asked "What brand is that?" She went: "It's super cheap! It's Suesh brushes" I was like, omigod! I've been lurking around the Suesh site and read a lot of good reviews about these babies, I just can't seem to order it as I am a person who likes to use my 5senses when buying stuffs. Now that I've seen them, touched them, smelled them, etc... I am SOLD!

I got home, told my hubby about it and you know what???? Things went on sooo fast and here's my 28pcs Suesh Brushes!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!

Trust me, people are NOT joking when they rave about the famous Suesh brushes, they are not exaggerating, they are really WORTH IT.

Update: I've put each brush a sticker with my NAME on it. I'm a PROUD MOMMY!!!! hehehe

28pcs brush set for Php4,500 (checkout Suesh website)

Your askmewhats,


  1. OMG! 28? haha! that's a looooooot!

    i am only using around 15 brushes.. and i guess that is enough for me. else, baka malito lang ako. ;-)

  2. true..nakakalito naman kc eh! I originally ordered for 16pcs but it's not available I'm off with a 28pcs brushes (am not complainin' hehehe)

  3. Oh wow, now you're all set!

  4. wow..i likeeeee!!!!

    magagamit ba lahat ng brushes sis? kasi right now im just using hmm..cguro mga 5brushes for my eyes, then a kabuki, stippling brush and lip brush. LOL

    though i am planning to take up classes din kasi. waaahh i want! i want!

  5. I know..i'm oh so set! :) Liz i'm so excited :) hehehe

    Iamsutil, alam mo ..magagamit mo ang mga brushes on different people, kc different eyes sila..may small may deep set..useful siya..kakagamit ko lang this morning with my make up session sa mga officemates ko :) but if you plan just for yourself, just by what you need :D


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