Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Face Shop Fruit Jelly Tubes Review

I have always been a lip gloss person as I have dry, chapped lips. So if given a chance that there are new glosses out there, I would really reach for it to try it. One of the few glosses I've tried is The Face Shop's Fruity Jelly Tube. I like it so much that this is part of the "beauty giveaways" to my bridal entourage on my wedding day :)

*approx Php 200 something (sorry can't remember)

It is not sticky, and it has a faint smell and tastes good. It has a bit of shiny sparkly specks and it just looks natural and lovely!

I will repurchase but I already bought all their colors :) Maybe, if they have a new color coming up, I'm willing to buy again :D

Your lip gloss addict ,


  1. Looks nice! Apart from looking shiny, does it actually moisturise?

  2. you know what? Good question, I really haven't thought about it as I ALWAYS moisturize with a lip balm before putting any lip products on my lips :) I may give it a try Without the balm and let you know :D


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