Monday, March 10, 2008

Razon's of Guagua Pampanga Experience

I've heard a whole lot about the best Halo-halo in town. From Razon's . I've always been curious with both food and cosmetics (I know, not a good combination) but both makes me happy :)

For friends who are not familiar what a Halo-halo is, Halo Halo is a famous dessert in the Philippines. It is usually filled with lots of native goodies like gelatin, banana, coconut , etc..

With Razon's, it's amazing as there's only 3 ingredients: sweetened banana (saging na saba), strips of macapuno and leche flan (Philippine version of a pudding) ** Php 75.00

I also ordered their famous Pansit Luglog, one of their best seller... (Pancit Luglug for Php120.00)

And their hamburger and fries... (approx less than Php100)

Overall, I felt that there are better halo-halos out there (sorry to those Razon's halo halo lover) , I think one major factor the halo-halo is their bestseller because of their super crushed ice. The ice just melts easily in your mouth and you can taste the sweetness of the milk. I find it a bit too sweet for my taste but it's ok for a "once in a blue moon" cravings.

The "pancit luglog" is yummy, nothing spectacular, but it tastes good. The burger and fries? I'd rather go for McDonald's or Brother's burger :D

Overall, I may come back again, if I crave for their halo-halo :)

Your askmewhats,


  1. That Halo-halo looks yummy. I'm a fan of coconut desserts!

  2. wow, then you're going to love halo halo :)

  3. wow! sarap naman! speaking of food, are you free this sat? mag whine and dine kase kame nila bogart and cla, if your scheds okay feel free to drop by. hehe. as usual sa mega ulet, 7pm, mar15.

  4. Ok, i'll text you if I can make it :) thanks for inviting me :D

  5. Liz, you know what? When I was overseas and I missed halo halo? I did the crushed ice, regular banana and evaporated milk! :) hehehe Just to make my stomach happy :D

  6. i love razon's! but then again, i don't know any other good halo halo places. liz pag uwi mo i'll treat you! haha.

  7. i agree, its the ice that makes it a winner, have to eat it quick or else it will end up into juice:)

  8. Thanks for dropping by, I saw your blog, I got super hungry! hehehe

  9. gah, this all looks so good! and i'm the EXACT same way, i'm obsessed with food and cosmetics and both of them make me happy! hahahaha. :] i only went to the philippines once and it was when i was still REALLY young (like 5 years old) i vaguely remember it too. i just remember that there was a mall there that i loved going to and it had a train inside that i always rode! haha. :P


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