Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Urban Decay Potion Primer (UDPP)

My Urban Decay Potion Primer (UDPP) arrived Monday night! I can't believe I am now a proud owner this product!!! I honestly don't have oily lids and my eyeshadow lasts at least half a day! The reason why I've been wanting this so badly is because (1) I am a make up junkie (2) I am a frustrated make up collector (3) I am planning to be a professional make-up artist someday and (4) I am VERY curious with what people are gushing about this product...and CURIOSITY in my dictionary makes the CAT HAPPY hehehe

I am so lucky to have found a nice seller over Ebay...and this is my first time to pay via paypal and this is my first time to order via Ebay! I am so lucky that I found a good seller and I got my UDPP on time and stress free!!!

Here's how the package looks like, and I've got free DOVE chocolate!!!! (not in the picture, inside my stomach already *winks*)

My hubby enjoyed taking a photo on this I let him be

another shot, looks professional right? *grins*

I did a simple swatch and why I LOVE UDPP! I used Kanebo purple e/s. The shadow applied 2x each side. The left side is applied with UDPP and the right side without.

See the difference???

All the gushes are true! I've made the right decision ordering UDPP!!! I just wish they sell it here again in Manila. I've read from Kikay Exchange that they did sell Urban Decay here in Manila early 2000 but it was discontinued.

Anyways....any e/s primers that works for you guys???

Your askmewhats,


  1. Hmmmm, I don't have oily lids either, so the only reason for using a primer is to intensify the e/s colours. My first ever e/s primer was from Essence (a German drug store brand). I like it but it can be a tad over-drying on my lids sometimes. Another one that works quite well is MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study. I've tried other colours (Painterly and Ochre), but Bare Study is really the only colour that works for my skin stone (the other two are too dark and yellowy for me).

  2. Essence? Never heard of it so that means, we don't have it here. I believe.

    Yes, you're right, I want to intensify my shadow color as well as I find a lot of shadows to get washed out on my skin tone. So primers are super useful for me :)

    I really wanted to try MAC Paint Pot, but it has color, i want the translucent ones :) I'll give it a try next time and see which one i'll like

  3. mmmm yeah, I know what you mean. Bare Study is the only one that works for me (it's a shimmery champagne colour). Sometimes I wear it along with a dash of liner along the lashlines. If you're looking for more neutral colours, give Bare Study, Painterly (nude beige), Ochre Style (yellow brown), and Layin'g Low (creamy beige, from the Fafi collection) a go. If you're not afraid of the mess, you could also try MAC Paints (Bare Canvas and Stilife are both neutral tones). And since you don't have oily lids, the MAC Cream Color Base might work too (I like Luna and Pearl).

  4. wow, you're a mac expert as well! hehehe thanks for that..I heard a lot about MAC paint pots :) Thanks for this

  5. Hahaha, lots of beauty bloggers (particularly in N America) are MAC fanatics. I myself am not (honestly!), because MAC here is too expensive (2-2.5 times US price). But I do have to admit that they have very nice products and the colour payoff is excellent! :P (btw, haul up!)

    Oh, and one thing about UDPP in case you haven't heard, there's a way to get all the product out of the tube. Apparently when the wand no longer picks up the primer in the tube, that does NOT mean the primer is all finished. You can saw the tube in half and scoop out like more than 5g of product!

  6. Yes, I love MAC as well, I'm now using a Mac Studio Fix Foundation and I'm in love! :)

    Thanks for the advise and yes, I heard about the UDPP cutting then scoop out technique, I already asked my hubby to do that for me...(in advance) hahaha See how organized I am? hahaha

  7. Excellent!!

    I'm not really digging MAC foundation. The only one I've ever bought is the Studio Fix powder compact. It's too heavy I find. But that might be because I don't wear foundation, so anything other than tinted moisturiser often feels heavy.

    They are coming out with mineralise loose powder foundation. I might give that a go.

  8. oh i'm using the studio fix foundation. I am so confused lady! hahaha I'm an NC35 which I think I should be an NC30, the lady gave me the wrong shade, but I'm not using the sponge as you're right! too dark for me. I use it with my powder brush and it works well :D

  9. Oh, you're using the Studio Fix powder too? I thought you meant the liquid version. I'm C2 but the mua accidentally gave me NC20. But I believe they are pretty much the same. I keep the sponge in the compact (I like that they made a separate compartment for the sponge) for touch-ups when I'm out. But I change/wash the sponge after each use. When at home, I use the 187 brush to apply. The brush makes for lighter coverage, which isn't bad. I just think that in general, powder is too drying for me. I'll wait till summer when my skin is less dry to use this compact.

  10. yes my bad, I use the powder for touch ups as well. I had skin allergies before and I blamed Mac powder (sorry MAC lovers) well now, I'm using it and it doesn't cause any allergies, so it's not MAC! hehehe

    I like how they separate the compartment for sponge :) I have a retractable brush for the powder...and so's not too drying for its ok :D

  11. Hi!I use MAC too, but MAC Prep+Prime in Medium. I like it, but I'm currently still on the lookout for another eye primer. I've been wanting to get UDPP but there's none available here in Manila. I think the next best thing is Artdeco Eye Primer but they're always out of stock. =)

  12. hi sis, just make sure to cut the bottle in two and scoop the rest of it once you feel like you're not getting any using the wand.

    i have a post in my blog showing how much was left inside my first tube. ;)

  13. Hi Mia! Thanks for the post, yes I heard about Artdeco one and its the black tub or something, and YES, before I bought this UDPP, I've heard raves about it so i was looking for it and TRUE enough, it's ALWAYS out of stock. If you finally bought it, do tell me ok???

    To Iamsutil, yes, i read all about the scooping out the UDPP primers before I throw it away :D Thanks

  14. and hey, you know what, when you think the UDPP primer has run out, get a knife or a strong cutter and slice the container. you'll be surprised to see how much primer is still left inside. :)

  15. Thanks Pezfrio for the tip :D

    Hey sab, I know! I got this feeling as well everytime I saw good feedbacks about UDPP, and I got one na din finally!

  16. i like mac paint pots better. it keeps my e/s fresh and prevents them from creasing.

    UDPP is a rip-off. why, cuz of how they packaged the product. you prolly gon need to cut your bottle in half to really get the product out. for me it's not really worth it, IMO.

  17. thanks anne, yes, I heard and seen all about that. I guess I am ready with cutting my UDPP in half as soon as I'm almost done with it :D

  18. Late comment, but I LOVE my UDPP. I bought it about 3 weeks ago after researching it. The truth is, about 3 out of every 10 people hate it.. but if you read reviews anywhere, 90% of them are five stars. Skin type comes into play here, if only oily eyelids. Mine are pretty oily and this stuff keeps shadow from just... disappearing.

    I'm glad you treated yourself to it :) mine was $18 (USD) and it's pricey for something that doesn't look like much more than concealer... but it was worth it, it's going to pay itself off in time. :)

  19. Kristi, I love UDPP still, out of all the primers it is the BEST especially on our weather down here :) Thanks for leaving a comment, late or not, I appreciate it :D


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