Thursday, March 6, 2008

You want Skincare and make up products REVIEW?

Sometimes, searching for make-up or skincare products review can be a drag. When you type in the product name in "any" search engines, you'll find a lot of places to SHOP for that product and maybe, have a li'l bit of review on those products that you want and they're mostly positive as it is always link to sellers.

I am a BORN RESEARCHER! Trust me, I never buy a product I didn't researched about. That's how "nerdy" I am. Well I'm into smart buying and that's where I thought of giving a special post for this special website I've always been visiting for ALMOST all beauty products.


You can read product reviews without signing up but if you want to leave your own reviews, you have to sign up for a membership and it's absolutely free. You'll get mostly reviews and a lot of tips from people all across the globe with different skin types, skin color and ethnicity. There are almost 90,000 products to date and more than 1million reviews.

Tip from me, like I said, different people have their different opinions and different reactions to products, so take some time to read and do your own decision making on buying a product or not. I sometimes, read this just for fun! It's just enlightening to know how a "great" product could be the worst for some people.

Enjoy review readings!!! Hope this helps.

Your askmewhats,


  1. Ha, I've been using MUA since 2004 and decided to register as a member a couple of years ago. I too consult it before buying anything. The only pitfall is that because it's a North American website, there are lots of European and Asian brands not covered.

  2. TRUE, there are just a couple that's not in there :) But anyways, nice to know we do the same thing :D


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