Friday, March 7, 2008

AMW Review: Smashbox Camera Ready Full Coverage Concealer

Finding the right concealer is always a challenge for me, same with finding the right mascara. I've always been wanting to conceal my undereye circles as I've been a nerd all my school years so now, I'm paying the price.

As seen from my Sunday haul. I've bought Smashbox Camera Ready Full Coverage Concealer and as promised, I'll do a review on this based on my own experience.

Here's what Smashbox says ---

Dark circles and blotchy spots are a thing of the past with our fabulous new concealer that contains a soft focus powder to brighten skin and help minimize imperfections. The innovative formula contains Vitamin C to fight free radicals which age the skin. Provides natural yet buildable coverage on any area of the face.

(photographed by Keith Tiu)

Here's me trying out the concealer --

Pardon my eyes, I just came back from work with a remnants of e/s 12hrs ago, I cleaned the undereye area and here's how my bags and undereye circles look like

I applied this Camera Ready Full Coverage Concealer no. 3 (a.k.a. Medium Vanilla) directly to my skin under the eyes

I used a concealer brush to blend GENTLY making sure not to pull my skin

Then, I pat the area with a powder to set

Finished look!

Here's how it looks like for easier comparison

My Verdict?
Pros --
  • it did lighten up my dark circles (of course the puff is still there, that's a job of a cucumber and sleeping early! hehehe)
  • it is indeed easy to blend and I left it that way for more than 30 minutes and I didn't have any allergic reaction (FYI, I had a very bad eye allergy last year and my eyes got SWOLLEN not from cosmetics but from an eye drop)
Cons --
For now, I found none, I'll give it a more detailed investigation (ahem, CSI) hahaha and if I have any changes or any updates, I'll let you guys know

Will I purchase again?

maybe, give me some try to use it more :D

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. how does it fare on blemishes? ok ba ang coverage?

    how much ang isang tube?

  2. Hi sis, well, the color I got is really for my undereye circles. I did have a small zit this morning, I tried the smashbox concealer, so far, it does it's job in covering the redness.

    It costs around 1,400php sa beauty bar (approx value)

  3. Hi sis!!! UPDATE: just checked and it's not 1,400 it is 945php sa Beauty bar! Sorry wrong info :) It's confirmed though Php945 :D hth

  4. hi pinay! you should read the reviews on about makeupforever full cover concealer. it's $30 but totally worth it. all you need is just a tiiiiny little bit and it covers so much better than the smashbox camera ready that i used to use. =)


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