Thursday, April 10, 2008

Another Makeover Day! :)

Bea, will be one of my model for my upcoming portfolio shoot this coming April 26th :) So given the chance to practice, I always will. The challenge I encounter with Bea is that she's got combination skin, really oily t-zone and I meant oily that even putting on a primer doesn't help much! hahaha Anyways, she's also acidic so I have to be careful with the foundation I'm putting on. I mixed a bit with about 1 tone lighter than her skin and in her t-zone, I've used a foundation shade 2 shades lighter as it all toned down to a really glowy yet dewy look. Here's a hot on her before an after.

What I've used (for eyes):
2. VOV beige as base
3. L'oreal moss green
4. Kate shimmery off white color as highlight
5. Stila Smudge Pots Gel Liner in Black

I will try on more looks on her soon! :)

Your askmewhats,


  1. Great makeover Nikki! You'll make a great MUA...:) Gusto ko rin magpa make-over sayo...hehe

  2. Awww, thanks sis, that is really a great compliment! I am learning really and I get all the chances to make over anyone! hahahha

  3. I like the way you prepped her face, the foundation looks really good. :)

  4. yay! Thanks sis, I am really mastering foundation application now :) I believe that's one thing I really should focus!

  5. make me over too! :) email me anytime. kahit may class ako i'll go! galing galing na you!! :)

  6. wow..buti ka pa you can apply makeup on other people, ako hindi eh. galing!
    ako din pamakeover!

  7. Ooh I like the eyes! Very sexy indeed, the way you played with the eyeliner.

    Good job! :)

  8. hey nikki! fantastic job on this. Her skin was looking a bit dull in her before picture (I know the feeling as I look dull prior to foundation) and her after shot she looked very soft and dewy! Beautiful!

    She looks quite happy with her make over :)

    I'd never tell she had oily skin! You obviously prepped her very well!

    Good work love!

  9. aaww thanks so much girls! I really appreciate it. So difficult to see the whole look coz I'm the one doing the makeup so I tend to be over critical as well :) Thanks so much at least I know some strong points and I'll improve on the weaker points :D


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