Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Askmewhats Version: "Formal Affairs" Eyes

I've always wanted a look that I can do when I'll be attending a formal function, but I don't want to look too made up! I've practiced a lot and from all the tips I got from reading, from watching and from asking, I've finally put up one eye look that I really like (sorry it was really bad lighting, I always take shots nighttime and lighting is not too good and sufficient).

Here's how it looks like close up, one eye...

Products I've used:
  1. UDPP (Urban Decay Potion Primer)
  2. Cream white eyeshadow (as base)
  3. In2It E/S (I had a review on this one in my previous post)
  4. MAC e/s in Coquette
  5. Black eyeliner

Eyes Closed (no Flash)

I finished up with a nice "formal" drop earrings and hair pulled low with a bit of curls. (and I'm only wearing a tee...tsk tsk tsk)

I know I know...I should have put an "open eyed" photo! Stupid of me I forgot about it and removed all my make up before I remembered! Anyways, I'll get better next time! Promise!

Your askmewhats,

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