Monday, April 7, 2008

Tag: All About Hair

Nanzy!!! Thanks for the tag, and I'm dead on hair addict aside from make-up junkie, so this is a right-timing and good tag :D You made me think, really deeply! hehehe Read on and see who I'm tagging ! :D

My story:

Before I got addicted to make-up, I am super addicted to hair. I've tried different brands of shampoo, conditioners, hair treatment so I think this is a right tag for me. I've had my hair rebonded before and I've had my hair colored. So this hair I've got ain't "virgin" no more :D

Length: Long, layered (longest part would be below the bra strap)
Type: Straight, easy to style without products needed
Condition: manageable, but there are a lot of bad hair days
Color: Brown

Favorite Shampoo & Conditioner:

~Changpo Magic Straight Shampoo and Conditioner (From the Face Shop)
this is the Korean brand that I've been raving about!!! It's always ALWAYS out of stock and I can't help but stock on this as well

~L'oreal Elvive Shampoo and Conditioner
this was the 2nd one I've used when Changpo was out of stock. Surprisingly, my hair is still soft and manageable and it didn't dried out my hair like others

Favorite Deep Conditioner:

~L'oreal Professional Vitamino Color
~L'oreal Professional Absolut Repair
~Biolage Matrix
~David's Salon Moisture Masque (available Locally)
~Lux Intensive treatment conditioner
~Wella Biotouch Cream

Yes, told you guys, I'm a sucker for anything that makes my hair beautiful! I've used a whole lot more but I forgot most of them :D

Favorite Leave in Conditioner:
~Lux (sorry forgot the exact name)
~Pantene Pro-V Leave-in Conditioner
~Changpo Magic Straight Gloss Serum

Favorite Hair Spray:

I'm not into hair spray! I did told you guys that my hair is so supportive of whatever styles I want with not much products needed :D

So, this would be an exciting part, my turn on tagging :D

Liz of Lizterati
Liz of This and that
Iamsutil of My Addictions
Shen of Kikay Pinay
The baklitas of Baklitaan

Hair Tips:
you can check out my hair care tips in my previous blog entry by clicking here

Thanks ya all! Wishing you all a great hair day!

Your askmewhats,


  1. thanks for sharing and thanks for the tag. :-)

  2. sis, thanks for the tag! :)
    i do wish i have a manageable hair like yours. mine seems to have a life of its own. :) loL!

  3. hey nikki :D heheh glad you loved to be tagged ^_^ and thx for sharing.. I wanted to try Biolage Matrix too, hows it? and isn't L'oreal wonderful? hehehe

  4. Nanzy, I tried biolage years back when I was in highschool, my bestfriend came back from Canada and she bought me the biolage and it works wonders to my hair. But this time around, I gave it a try again and its a bit different, compared to the first time I tried it. Must be the asian version, NOT SURE. But I like the old formula better. Biolage is like 2nd to L'oreal :) hehehe You can give it a try it smells wonderful!


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