Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Askmewhats Version: "Orange Juice" Look

Now now, I've done a lot of regular looks and I am challenging myself for a crazy-o look. I can't really do crazy crazy kind of look to my friend in the office as I don't want her to scare people off on her way home..hahaha so here's a loud look...

I call this the "Orange Juice" look, well, firstly, because the color dominant would be orange..and ..hmm..I dunno, I was drinking TANG that day I made the look? hahaha Here goes...thanks to Gemma my dear model for being a sport and for letting me play around with your looks, and Phia girl, thanks for the lovely hair!

Here's a closer look...

A lovely pose!

Askmewhats and the model :D

I hope you guys can see the lips (it blurred a bit but I'll still try to post it here) Since I'm doing loud colors, I'm doing it all the way and I pat on different colors of the NYX Ultra Pearl Mania and pat it to her lips...it looked WILD! And you know what I've found out? The NYX Ultra Pearl Mania can be used as lipstick as well! I kinda rubbed some of the color to my other friend with lip gloss and VOILA! Got a new lipgloss color! The color payoff is great! Be brave with mix and matching!!! Gotta love NYX!

I enjoyed this. Truly did.
Hope you guys enjoyed the post...
as much as I enjoyed sharing.

Great day everyone!

Your askmewhats,


  1. awww.. you're getting better and better at this, Nikki!

    it's on the artistic side, yes, but wholesome enough to be worn in the office.

  2. Beautytalk --- thanks

    Liz, aaww..coming from you..i do appreciate it :) Really..hey tell us how the coming beauty school would be like :) We'll see more of your works :D

  3. love the falsies! :)

  4. I wouldn't wear this out but it's very nice. :) This could be a runway look. :)

  5. Im loving the colur combo, very pretty Orange look :D, the lashes are too cool heheh.,

  6. i love the details on the lashes. :) the colors too!

  7. au couture!! :) super galing na you. the falsies are flawless. kainis naman.. sana me na yan! lol! :)

    the lippies are totally wild. :)

    keep it up sis!

    i;m doing the ketchup now.:)


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