Monday, April 21, 2008

Askmewhats Reviews: Prestige Eyeshadow

There are a lot of palettes out there, and a lot of them don't have good color payoffs, so it puts me off to even "try" on palettes. When the Beauty Bar opened up here in the Philippines, a lot of international brands were then available and one of them would be Prestige.

Prestige isn't a luxury brand, it may be considered a drugstore brand in the US but it is "mid-range" here in the Philippines. I love brushes from Prestige. And when the Christmas season came last year, we were playing this "kris kringle" game and my "baby" was telling to everyone that whoever is her "mom", she would like the Prestige e/s! She was wanting it so much that I had to go to the Beauty bar and buy it for her.

Of course...she's very happy and of course, she wanted me to put it on her right away! Surprisingly??? The color payoff is good, I've been wanting the palette myself but just didn't have the chance to buy. And my bestfriend was the one who finally gave me this e/s quad.

Mine was in beige, reddish brown, dark brown and coppery browns.

Askmewhats says ---

  • easy to travel with
  • good color payoff, quite pigmented
  • not too expensive, Php395 (around $9.00)
  • packaging is great! not flimsy
  • this quad is more on the glittery side
  • there are some big glitters on some areas (not too consistent)

This is a great palette for those in need of different shades of browns, but like I said, they don't have the matte version, all 4 are glittery. But this is good for highlighting, contouring the eyes.

Will I repurchase?

Yes, in different shades

Want some swatches? Just let me know!

Your askmewhats,


  1. We have Prestige here at Boots (major pharmacy) but I've never bought anything from that brand. I've heard good things about their kohl eyeliner... very good on the waterline.

  2. i've never tried any Prestige stuff before but it seems like a lot of people like their stuff!

    yeah next time you get NYX stuff, you should totally get some Round lippies

  3. Liz, yes, I've given their kohl eyeliner a quick test, you're right, they're great! I think the reason why I didn't buy them at the moment, because their testers are quite old and the pencil is quite hard and harsh to the eyes..thanks for the reminder, I need to test on them again and see how it goes :D

    Hey dskco, thanks for the visit, yes, Prestige is a good brand, but I don't like their pressed powder, ti gets hard as time passes by :) hehehe

    Round lippies (mentally noted) thanks

  4. thanks for the wonderful makeup tips!!


    tagged you Nikki.

  5. forgot the link

    silly me.hihi

  6. do the swatches !! do the swatches !! heehheehehehheheh

  7. Read good reviews for that brand =)
    Isnt your bestfriend a doll as well?! =) I also wanna see swatches, thanks dear!

  8. yes ladies, sureee, I'll swatch them for you all tonight and you'll see it within this week :D

  9. i made my roommates buy that palette since they work in a corporate environment, they do neutral makeup everyday. :)

    it's good for basic makeup :)


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