Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tip for the Day: Spatula for you and me

Thanks to Ms. Cherry Pacheco Uy, she gave me a lovely tip and I'm loving it! You can see pix above and you maybe wondering what the heck are these doing in a make-up blog. Well well, these cutey tools are not only HELPFUL but it can save your make-up from bacteria.

I have been using all the above spatulas for quite some time now (as you can see the color of it!) -- but PROMISE, I wash it religiously and disinfect it with alcohol as well. Anyways..let me give you guys a tip or 2 and these are what I learned from Ms. Cherry as well.

Based on the pix, look at it from top to bottom. Let's start from the top part...

1. Small Plastic Spatula --

this is approximately a size of a pinky and the spoon has depth, so this is perfect for mixing foundation. Why do I mix foundation? Well, as you guys know, I do make up for others and I can't buy all the foundation colors, since I've got the basics, the yellow tones, the pink tones, and a dark foundation, I mixed some of them to match the skin color of my friends. Of course., this takes a whole lot of hit and miss :) But it works, remember to take down notes though :)

2. Medium sized Spatula --

this I use often, I put the foundation (that don't need to be mixed) here and use my brush or sponge in getting some of the foundation. It works well, and for jar foundations, you don't need to dip your brush or sponge directly which is more hygienic.

3. Small spatula, rectangular head --

I love these, I bought one plastic with 3 inside. I've been using this rectangular headed spoon for my moisturizers, and put it back in my resealable plastic bags (refer to my previous post).
Another tip, instead of using your own lipstick directly to your friends/clients, you can scrape a bit of your lipstick and you can dip the lipbrush here instead of directly to the lipstick. It's cleaner this way and I believe the people you put make-up on would appreciate this as well :)

I know, there's a whole lot of uses for each or every spatulas out there, but these are my 3 favorites. I hope this is helpful for all of you out there.

All the spatulas I bought are less than Php10.00 (each) at the Landmark, Makati

Enjoy taking care of your cosmetics!

Feel free to spill in some more tips ... we can all enjoy them!

Have a great weekend you all!

Your askmewhats,


  1. ohhhh i need those babies to scrape out my powder cleansers ^_^ it's good to have them around !

  2. Great idea with the spatulas. More hygienic, especially when you're sharing foundation, etc. I've seen makeup artists using their FINGERS to scoop the foundation, etc on their models. EUUUUWWWWW.

  3. hey nanzy, I do believe they have the sharp edges ones as well, good for scraping fave lipsticks :)

    Tine, you are so right! I've seen make up artists using the same sponge to different people !!! eeewww... I am so into hygiene so these babies are really handy and helpful !

  4. i have the spatulas!! :) o my, we are OC/Hygenic like that. :) i use sundae teaspoons for everything (cheaper and easy to handle than the spatulas). then i keep it in ziplock bags. those i've used got a "tupperware" which means that they need to be washed and disinfected.
    I keep measuring spoons in handy as well for mixing shades since i use different type of mineral foundations. :)

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  6. hey sis shen! Grabe, great idea!!! Sundae spoon is great!!!! Now you'll see me asking for extra spoons everytime I eat sundaes! :)

    Windy, thanks for the visit too!

  7. Oops, that was me, sorry for any confusion :)

  8. interesting.. thanks for the tip! i will keep this in mind. :-) this will come in handy once i'm a pro MUA. :-)

  9. Hi Liz, you're right! These are required or recommended in make up schools :) So stock up :)


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