Sunday, April 27, 2008

Behind the Scenes: Askmewhat's Portfolio Day :)

April 26, 2008 has been marked in all my calendars for the past 3 weeks.

As I stated in some blog comments, I will be having my first "portfolio" shot.

I would like to thank the wonderful Mr. Charles Lu for supplying me with such wonderful photographers --- Mr. Roy Macam and Mr. Carlo Bandoquillo. I really enjoyed this day, no matter how tired I was, I didn't feel it at all as they are not only professional but they are super humorous, friendly and down-to earth!!! I had a memorable day.

Thanks to my wonderful models Ms. Bea, Ms. Gemma, Sophia (who's doing my models' hair as well), and Grace for being such a sport and letting me do whatever I want on their beautiful faces.

And lastly, my wonderful husband, Mr. Keith Tiu....for being there..supporting me all throughout and trusting me....and just being there for me...rooting for me....muwah :x

I won't be posting any photos of my models yet, as I'll be waiting for their photos to be sent to me a week after. Can't wait...and you guys will wait as well :D

Here's just a pix of some of the "back scenes" that happened today. We started at 9:30am and finished around was worth it though!

Hre's me preparing the stuffs to use...

Me, Mr. Roy Macam and Keith checking out the shots

Here's Mr. Carlo Bandoquillo with Grace and Pia helping me out with the veil
(Please don't mind the jeans hahaha)

From L-R Carlo, Roy, You're Truly and my hubby
after the loooonngggg day :D

No matter what the outcome will be, I am so happy for this wonderful experience.
Really.... I can't stop smiling...
I felt sooo complete....hehehe

How's everybody? Anything special happenin' there?

Your askmewhats,


  1. Congrats Nikki! We can't wait to hear updates about the shoot! I'm sure you did amazing! :)

  2. congrats nikki! kainggit ka talaga... :) keep it up! muaaahz

  3. Congratulation, all best wishes !!!
    i'm so digging your high-wisted pants :D :D

  4. i'm so happy for you nikki! keep it up and soon i won't be surprise you doing runway make-up for fashion shows. :)

  5. congrats! all the best! :-)

    i love your short pants.

  6. wow photo shoot! you are indeed raising it up to the next level! congrats!!!

    and i'm loving your sailor shorts! ;D

  7. thanks girls!!! I really appreciate the greetings and all your sweet words!!!! I really do feel it..thanks..i am so excited to share these kinds of moments with you gals :") though we never met, i felt sooo loved...really thanks! *hugs to all*

    About the shorts..hahaha I bought it on sale at People are People (PRP). I hope you guys can still find it :)

  8. congrats niks! im so glad your living your dream. keep it up!

  9. goddes gail, thanks :) I hope you go forward to your dreams as well :) let's go girl!


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