Monday, April 28, 2008

Bloody Red Nails Ready for Parteyyyy!

I attended my friend's wedding at the Shangri-La hotel...I wore a black dress with red accents so I've decided to have a nail art that's ready to party :) Here's how my nails look like and will look for the coming days :D

Ughhh..Monday again, I don't want to talk about it as I'm getting depressed just thinking about Monday :(

How's everyone ? Hope you don't get to get the Monday blues like I do.

Your askmewhats,
Nikki "the Monday hater"


  1. Wow, thats really cool. Did you do it yourself?

    Unlike everyone else, I love Mondays. Its my favorite day of the week.

  2. nyaak i hate mondays as well!
    but ur nails are fab! love it. me too, i always have red nails.

  3. Cool nails!

    And Monday blues... boooooo!!! >:T

  4. gorgeous nails ;)

    Hope you had a fab time at the party ;)


  5. Cute nails! I don't think I would have the patience to be that detail oriented...hehe

  6. cutey!

    i used to having my nails painted like that too, but lately i've been so lazy to visit the parlor to have my nails done. hehe

  7. i have monday-thursday blues. haaay. but your nails are fab! can't wait for the weekend..

  8. Hi katrina, No I didn't do it on my own as it's super intricate hehehe but I can do a li'l bit of designs to other people (others = my mom) :)

    to all, thanks!!!! i'm glad you guys liked it, i kinda found it a bit loud with the bright red nail polish, but after the design and everything, it went ok :)

    Muse, the party was good!!! I enjoyed the wedding reception of my friend :)

  9. Wow you are so talented, your nails looks beautiful, i love anything red hheheh :D. Me too, i suffer the monday blues and long for the weekend

  10. fab nails! although i don't usually like colored manicure as i tend to ruin it after a day or two. :-/


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