Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Askmewhats Reviews: MAC Sculpting Powder in Lightsweep/Shadester

A lovely product from MAC. I love their Sculpting powder series and I bought the color in Lightsweep/Shadester. I am so sorry guys, I tried taking a pix of it and it just got washed out by the camera flash, if I didn't use a flash, it gets too dark and you can't see anything. Hahaha I may try this again in the future but here's my review on this for now :)

The above picture is the darker one which is the "shadester" . As the name implies, you use it to go shade some ares of your face or we COUNTOUR with it. I use this best on the cheekbones, nose bridge area, and to those who's got a wide forward, I dust it on the forehead as well. This looks very natural!

This would be the "lightsweep" or the lighter version. This has very small shimmer that's best to use as highlighter. I use this to highlight the area where the sun hits the face :) I also use this under the eyes, as it makes your eyes brighter.

Overall, I am so happy I bought this product. With this 2-in-1 product, I don't need to buy a separate Contouring and Highlighting powder.

I know a lot of fellow beauty bloggers have their Sculpting powder.
How do you like it?
Any more tips where I can use this for? (as I know you can use it to create a deeper cleavage as well) --- hahahha I haven't tried it ok!!!! hahahha

Your askmewhats,


  1. Ahh I kinda regret not trying that! lol, i cant find dupes anywhere >_< Nvmd lol.

  2. Hi Nic Nic, I know, I didn't want to get it first and I was buying all those dupes..i tried ELF but it didn't work on me :) I've been spending so much then at the end, I gave in! hahaha Since I have the color on hand now, if I find any dupes, will let you know :)

  3. Depending on your coloring, you could also use the darker side for your eye crease. :) I kind of regret not picking one up, but luckily, it's sold separately as a PRO product.

  4. Good point Emilee, I will try it out on my crease area! :) Thanks for the tip

  5. I don't have it myself, so let's just pretend I have one :D

    Basically I'll use MAC sculpting powder for contouring my face (FYI: I have wide-oval face).

    Using large angled brush, I apply shadester on my jawlines (noted: avoid excess) and slightly under cheekbones (same place where I put highlighter)

    Tips for those who has bell-bottom nose (sorry I don't know the exact words to define that kinda nose LOL), use a small angled brush around nose to create shadow to make skinnier silhouette of your nose :)

    Hope that helps!

    As for the lightsweep, maybe just for blending the shadester? *not sure*

    Maybe you could buy me one to make this tips "tried & tested" LOL

  6. awwww devi that was too sweet of you!!!! You're right on!!!! I've been using this to the jawline as well for those who's got a bit extra skin there :) And devi LOL you are funny!!! If you are in Manila, i won't hesitate to meet up with you and share to you my lighsweet/shadester..i said SHARE ok? Not buy you one! hahaha and you can do the Tried and tested..you didn't state "Got it for free and tested" hehehe

  7. Hey there. :)

    I did not buy this because I found it a bit too pricey in Malaysia, around USD 35. What I do is use darker pressed powder to contour, or I just use darker foundation at the areas that need contouring.

    Having said that, if the price was cheaper I would have bought the Mac S&S.

    Thanks for the link luv!

  8. Cassandra, i did absolutely the same! I bought a darker shadow for it and I just can't seem to find the right shade, so i ended up spending more and buying the MAC S&S hahaha no worries, i enjoyed your blog :)

  9. Hehehe.. of course I'm just kidding :D Ok sometime in the future when I fly to Manila, I'll be able to meet you in person ;)

    Let me know when you are about to Jakarta ok? :)

  10. Devi!!! Sure let me know..i'll be your guide really! and i'll let you know if I have the chance to go to Jakarta :)

  11. i think this is the only most raved MAC product i heard of that i really didn't feel like buying... prolly 'cause am not into contouring much and i still got 2 bronzers i barely use! but still, i'd like to hear your review. ;)


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