Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Askmewhats Shopping: Black French Girl Japanese

**Photo courtesy of My Pink Closet

This is another picture of my online shopping ...AGAIN! I know, I'm dead in love with Kimonos! I am loving this because it has a v-neck front (unlike the previous order of v front and back). I am looking forward to wear this...i hope this will be my last purchase... (I said HOPE) hahaha

Enjoy your week gals!

Your askmewhats,


  1. This dress is reallllly cute!!

    Congrats on getting tha job in China! You must be so excited! When are leaving for it??? Best of luck with everything :D

  2. oh no nic nic,i was referring to before, that was like year 2001 and i worked there til 2005! I am back in Manila and happy to have that experience in my life :)

  3. i love the dress too! and i hope you're feeling better already. :)

  4. Cute kimono dress! :)

    I had a look at their site and was tempted by a couple of items... but they don't do Paypal... so paying would be too much hassle for me. :(

  5. Sab, thanks, I think it got worst :(

    Liz, yes, I think because the fact that Paypal still don't carry our currency so a lot of sellers in Manila don't use PAYPAL for now. But so far, I ordered 3x from them and I always get my orders FAST! :)

  6. I see.... hmmmmm... I know some post offices do Western Union, but I don't think my local one does. I'll have to find out how easy it is for me to transfer money. Thanks Nikki! :D

  7. Yes Liz, do check them out, I believe all their collections are orginally from Thailand. And if you want to get new collections fast, check out their site at exactly 10am Manila time every Monday!!! That's when they post their new collection :) Hope this helps and I hope you get to order one :)

  8. Thanks Nikki for the tip! ;)

    I emailed them yesterday and got a reply today. I'll have to see how easy it is to wire money to them with Western UNion (it's not that popular here) and then place my order.

  9. Cute dress! Where did you get it at?

  10. Hi Liz, yay! If ever you got to order from them, let me know what you're getting :) hehehe

    Fabu-less check out their site at www.mypinkcloset.multiply.com that's where I get most of my kimono outfit :)


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