Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Askmewhats Reviews: NYX Concealer in a Jar (Medium)

First of all, I want to thank Lizzz of Li(z)terati for introducing me to this wonderful product. I've seen this product "all the time" when she's doing a tutorial. I have always been in search for a concealer easy enough to apply on my undereye circles. Since I bought a couple of NYX e/s from Cherry Culture, I gave this baby a try and so far.... I'm very happy! Thanks Liz!


NYX Concealer in a Jar is Magic in a jar for your's truly. It was really difficult for me to choose a shade as I ordered online and everyone who does online shopping knows how difficult it is to choose a shade. I chose Medium and I thought I made a wrong choice and thought ..."what the heck? I'll just use this as eyeshadow base then"

Let me swatch it for you, again for preference, I am a NC30/35

It looked a bit pinkish on me, but it really works on my bags...really, does

Let me show you a pix below (Note: I applied it all over my eyes with a concealer brush)
No powder, no nothing, just the concealer

This li'l jar really works on me!

NYX Says ---
This concealer gives you natural coverage for larger areas. Perfect for oily to combo skin.

Askmewhats says ---

  • very smooth and doesn't sink in the lines
  • can work very well as e/s base, I've tried this so many times and it doesn't crease
  • affordable
  • finishes into powder form, but not powdery
  • very creamy and glides on easily
  • not available here, have to order online hence difficult to choose the colors
  • have a faint smell, I can't seem to explain the smell, but to some it won't be a problem, to me, I'm not into concealers with scent..hehehe but it's ok :)

Please DAB do not rub the concealer as this will just remove the product out of your skin.

Will I repurchase?

YES YES YES! Waiting for the next Cherry Culture sale.

Have you found your HG concealer?
I did, but I need a back up just in case I can't order this online
Have a great conceal those needed to be concealed day! *smiles*

Your askmewhats,


  1. wow.. you're very welcome, Nikki. I am glad you liked it as well. :-)

    as for scents in general, well, i guess my olfactory nerves are dysfunctional. hehe!

  2. I love this concealer a lot! I've been searching for at least a decent concealer for a long time. For the price, it's a miracle I found it! I wanna check out this shade. It sucks I didn't get anything from the last sale.I wanted to haul some even w/ s&h but there's so many stuffs I wanted that are out of stock. *sigh*

  3. Liz, hahaha that's funny! Olfactory nerves dysfunctional? hehehe My ears aren't working well, but my sense of smell...really ROCKS! hahaha

    Jie-jie :) I know! I have most of the stuffs on the wish list, waiting for sale!!!! Goodluck, I'll let you guys know just in case I know a cherryculture sale coming up :) Don't worry, we'll get what we want..someday! hahaha

  4. Still haven't found my HG of concealers yet. Ssearching, still searching :p

  5. too bad NYX isnt available locally no? I use Mary Kay concealer in Ivory, its really good as well and easy on the pocket 510php I think.

  6. thanks for the swatch of the medium. I have it in beige and i love it, however medium might actually work for me. so thanks for this!

  7. Hi Nica dear, thanks for visiting, yes, I hope i can just say "GO GET 1" it's difficult hahaha I wish NYX people can hear me!!!!

    Tine, goodluck in your search for your HG concealer

    Stylishmomy, how do you get your mary kay? Via agent ? that's an OK price so far..but I'm finishin up my NYX hehehe :)

    Ladystarr, i'm glad my swatch helps :) Anytime!

  8. i might try this one when i visit Singapore. thanks for the reco! btw, my HG is Shu pro spots.

  9. Thanks for the review! I've heard rave reviews on this product. Medium shade might be a match for me, since I'm slightly darker than you. I've also heard rave reviews on EDM Sunlight Concealer. I'm debating between cream or loose powder concealer. I have dry skin, so cream might be the way to go. I've never seen this concealer in stores for some reason.

  10. Moi, yes, do take a look at it when you visit singapore :) And Look for Liz too! hehehe

    Fabuless, girl! Yes, Medium would be a good shade :) it really works, surprisingly. And with regards to powder concealer, I've tried MMU concealer, it wasn't bad, but I find the coverage of cream works better on me :) do give it a try and see which one works for you :) and tell me how it goes

  11. I think the NYX concealer works really well on you! it such hard work to find a HG concealer, seems like you found yours :D

  12. Nic Nic, so right! It is super difficult to look for HG concealers, I've many!!!! I've wasted a lot of money..and I have to throw a lot of them away. Funny how I've come to find an HG product and it's not available here! hehehe

  13. my HG concealer would be MAC which i've used for nearly 4 years already.:) but i'm loving Mary Concelaer in Ivory.

    This NYX is truly tempting. :)
    I want one na rin. :) This looks great on you girl!! :)

  14. Yes Shen! I know you'd say MAC :) hehehe Buti i didn't say P&J no? hehehe but I was quite surprised as well with the quality of NYX, I was really thinnking I got the wrong shade but then, it still works :)

  15. Yes sis, got it through an agent. Been using it for almost 6 months now and still got a lot, so its a keeper. =)

  16. If i can't reorder NYX, I'll note on that :) I've used their pressed powder, Mary Kay have great make up collection!!!

  17. I was actually contemplating this concealer for the longest time, but didn't know which shade to pick! I'm NC25-30, so now I know exactly what shade to get. :)

    Thanks for the review, Nikki!

  18. Emilee, you are so welcomed!
    UPDATE: I have a bad zit on my chin, and I've used it this morning before I put on powder foundation, my husband was surprised, it was really gone!!! :) This is really a great product :)

  19. I remembered your review on this awhile back. And now that Cherry Culture has the free shipping sale...I'm finally getting it! I'm a MAC NC35-40. Do you think Medium will be too light for me?

  20. hi nikki
    may i ask what is your HG concealer? Thanks a lot!

  21. Fab Beuaty, medium will be just right for you :)

    K, so far, there's no HG concealer yet, but NYX concealer in a jar definitely is included in my favorite list. There's MUFE concealer palette and I love the Graftobian foundation to be used as concealer :)

  22. Hi I've been reading stuff in your blog lately. And I like your reviews.
    I'm interested in getting this kind of concealer. I also saw that you made a review about skinfood salmon concealer in shade 2. I also have that with same shade? You think medium will work for me too?

  23. Macky, yes, medium works great for someone who's using Skinfood Salmon Concealer shade no. 2 :)

  24. so, what do you use? more of the medium or the beige one??

    i'm ordering soon, i can't really decide whether to buy beige or medium?

    what do u think???

  25. @Chiara I'm using the beige one more on the undereye circles because it matches my skin tone, but the medium would work mostly to anyone around NC35-40 skin!

  26. Which concealer is better, Skinfood salmon concealer or this one? Thanks in advance. :P

  27. @celline08 Depends on what you're aiming for, the salmon concealer is best for undereye circles while the NYX concealer in a jar is also good for the undereye but you have to choose the right shade, NYX can also be used to conceal scars or pimples :)


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