Saturday, May 24, 2008

Askmewhats Reviews: Paul & Joe Face Color Autumn 2007

Available at Paul & Joe Rustan's Makati for Php1,150.00 (approx USD27.00)

The first time yours truly tried on this limited edition face color is when I modeled for my friend's make-up class for the Modern 90's look. The first swipe she did on my cheeks, There's a big O forming from my mouth! I HAVE to get this! And I did!

Paul & Joe Says ---

An exquisite gradation, created by blending two different shades together, this face color brings out each individual's inherent natural color and contours.

Askmewhats Says and Shows ---

When swatched, this looks too orange-y and bright! But when you use a blush brush and swipe just once, you can see the sudden "flush" (nice kind) on your cheeks. For my photo below, I swiped 2-3times each cheek, just to show everyone how to color is! hahaha

Askmewhats Tips ---

  1. Take desired amount onto brush and pat it a bit on your hand first before brushing it on your face to create a softer more natural look.
  2. You can use the lighter portion as eyes highlighter and use the darker orange as eyeshadow (if you really plan on using orange e/s) --- triple purpose!
  3. If I find this at times too overpowering, I would put on a bit of loose powder before swiping the face color with a brush, and lightly swipe it on my cheeks for that really brightening effect :)
  4. Some people may find this too "orange", aside from my liking of mixing lipstick with a concealer (as seen here), I also mix my blushes, I mix a lighter peach toned blush or if you don't have a lighter blush, do the tip #3
Will I repurchase?
Yes! Different colors!

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How'd you like it? Do you think it looks too orange for you?

Your askmewhats,


  1. Hey Nikki! I finally got all the dresses sorted. Come check them out! (Click on my name here and it'll take you to my album homepage.)

  2. Wow Liz, that's a whole lot of dresses, are you selling them??? I haven't finished checking them out yet, as I have to leave soon, I'll check it back when I get back home :) thanks for sharing liz :) i appreciate it

  3. No no, I'm not selling them!!! I don't own all of the dresses there... but I'm not telling which ones I do own! (^3^)

  4. no it's not too orange! I love it!! absolutely lovely for the fresh summer look

  5. I actually prefer orangey on my cheeks, but can never find one that is a good orange tone. That one is very nice I really like it! Where can I purchase it online? TIA!

  6.'re mean! Why aren't you telling me which ones you own?? hayy guess I have to GUESS!

    Cassandra , thanks, I love it too!!!! There are days I really wanted to perk up my mood and I use this :)

    Lurve, hmm...I bought mine here in Rustan's Makati. In the US? Hmm...I've checked Sephora, they carry Paul & Joe products I'm just not sure if the Autumn 2007 edition would still be there. You can also check out the P&J website and you can click on the location and you can choose your location and see where the nearest P&J stores are :) hth

  7. loveeet!! superb color sis.. i know how that feels. immediately getting something that made us wow. :) wow! patay na.. i love peach base blushes too! :)


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