Monday, May 26, 2008

Askmewhats Version: the "Falling Star" Look

The "Falling Star" look was inspired by my MAC Falling Star eyeshadow. MAC Falling Star looks so much like the NYX Rust! I have been using my NYX RUST so many times that I have to use my MAC Falling star!!! Have to use all your make-up right?

The "Falling Star" look consists of the sky (blues), the sun (yellow) and the soil (falling star, rusty browns).

Here's how the eyes look like....

Eyes closed

One eye, side view
(note: didn't use any mascara yet...see how INVISIBLE they are?)

One eye, opened

Crazy face shot.
With PATRICK!!! (Where's Spongebob?)
Thanks dear Weng for the lovely Patrick!!!

Products Used ---

  • MAC NC35 (it honestly looks dark on me, oh well, it's summer, so its a bit tanned look)
  • MAC Sculpting Powder Shadester - to contour nose
  • NYX Concealer in a Jar Medium for blemishes and dark undereyes
  • Lancome white e/s (all over lids as bas)
  • MAC Falling Star
  • Maybelline e/s in Yellow
  • Fashion 21 Lagoon (waterline)
  • Stila Smudgepots in Black
  • Revlon blush in Wine
  • Clinique (sorry forgot the color, and the sticker was gone!)

Have a great start of the week everyone!
I hate Mondays, I still do...
But what a girl to do?
But read beauty blogs....teeee heeee

Your askmewhats,



  1. Yeay Patrick!!! lol :D

    I love how you lined your eyes :)

  2. Unique color combination... I like it a lot! :D Very cool idea! I must try it! :)

  3. great makeup to start the week! i am not putting any today as am worried about my hair! haha talk about being paranoid... i am actually thinking if i should put on any tomorrow as i come in for work (am working from home today so i can skip makeup for now). my co-workers might get terrified! mwahaha...

  4. Lurve, hahaha patrick is so funkily-cute! :P Thanks dear

    Jennbee, aww..thanks, give it a try and show it to us too! :)

  5. oo i like the pop of blue under the eyes ^^

    awww my lashes are similar.... not very dense and short >_<

  6. Nicnic, I read your reply on my comment, and I just wanted to say NO..your EOTD photos aren't bad, its just sad all the colors weren't shown up! as it happens to me ALL THE TIME!!!! But it still looks good, honest! And nic nic, *moans, cries* I hate short "hardly even there" lashes :( :( :( wwwwaaaahhhhh I've seen yours..its not like mine! yours is way better!

  7. Nice interpretation. :) Falling Star is such a weird color; I find it difficult to pair with things. I like your look, though!

  8. Emilee, thanks!! YOU BET! Falling Star is a weird color. I ordered it online and it looks totally different on pictures! When I got it, I wanted to stab myself, as I have one local product called G-lish and the color payoff is exactly the same as Falling Star. And the worst? I ordered NYX rust and found it similar to Falling star as well!!! Falling star has a lot of dupes!

  9. Rust does look like that! You and Aya make me wanna dig it out of my drawer. The only stuff I've been able to finish are powders and foundation. I just get whatever shadow is on the top of the drawer, which is already overflowing. But I think I can recreate this look with what I have.

  10. aaawwwe. you're so cute, Nikki!

  11. Jiejie, oohhh I never finish up e/s as well!!! I have only finished...hmm..face powders! hahha I never even finished liquid foundation!!! Aaaww..I'm glad I can be even the tiniest bit of an enabler :) Hope to see you creation.

    Liz..awww girl! thanks..*hugs to you*

  12. cutiee! ;) love the color combo nikki

  13. great combo and placement of colors! thanks for sharing!


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