Monday, May 26, 2008

Beatrilicious' Corner: The "Braid-y" Show

A follow up on my first post. Just previously, I shared with you beauties out there the "headband" trend. Now, you can try this one if you are more experimental with your looks – the braids!

of Glitz & Glamour, you were asking on other alternatives since you can’t handle the headband, I think you can try braiding your hair instead! Lots of ways, and styles you can try on. One tip I learned is that braids will stay longer if you do not condition your hair, because the tendency is that it will easily slip from the grip.

The braid trend has been spotted on young hollywood’s tresses lately, which includes Lindsay Lohan and Ashlee Simpson just last Friday! (see pics below). The Oscars 2008 red carpet also showcased the braided up-do courtesy of Jessica Alba and Anne Hathaway. I’m a real sucker for chick flicks on the boob tube (a.k.a Gossip Girl and The Hills) so I always see Lauren Conrad in her braids for the longest time already. She has done many versions from the braided headband to the soft braids on the side.

I’m going to share with you a couple of pictures I have during my last two out-of-town trips, sporting the braid! Now, get some elastic bands and make yours!

Lindsay Lohan as seen sporting this braid 'do ---

Beatrilicious version ---

Ashlee Simpson sporting a cute braid 'do with headband recently ---

Beatrilicious version ---

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Your Beatrilicious, Bea


  1. I absolutley love headbands! Love this look - but I can never get it to stay put on my head - what am I doing wrong?!

  2. I only braid my hair for bed LOL xD I hate when I'm rolling around and I wake up abruptly pulling on it myself D:

    You look beautiful in the pics *envy* I'll do a braid look some time me thinks, doubt I liked lol I like my hair free like Pocahontas :)

  3. two awesome looks you pulled off!.. id love to do a braid look like that, but i dont think my hair is fine enough to do that >_<

  4. hey row! that means you really have soft and smooth hair! *wink* try to have headbands with tooth in it so it can hold your hair

    hello ilurvemakeup! wow, you are sleeping in style.. sleeping with braids! haha. next time you do a braid look, share me some pics! im sure you'll look beautifully awesome too :)

    hi nicnic :) thanks for the nice feedback about my braids.. awww! :) try one for yourself. no hair is fine or think for sure you'd pull it off too!

  5. Hiya, Bea! Thank you for addressing my queries re headbands. Unfortunately, I could never wash my hair without conditioner and braiding my own hair would be tricky to do as my arms gets tired quickly. I love doing it on other people but not on my own :(... I've managed to wear my headband all afternoon yesterday to keep my hair off my face as it was windy so I hope it's a good sign.

    Well done on your blogs, I really enjoy reading your posts and tips.


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