Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tip for the Day: Fuller Lashes Look

**UPDATE: A better photo below to show the area to tightline :D

One thing I love from attending "make-up sessions" or "presentation" is I always leave the place learning a tip or two.

I went to the CAS (Center for Aesthetics Studies) open house sale last month and I joined in the Paul & Joe (my ultimate favorite make-up brand) make-up demo. I learned a lot of tips but one tip that crosses my mind and I really use it and vouch on this is one from Ms. Lanie Acedillo. She is the Associate Make-up Artist of P&J.

One thing I would ask my mom if I could get back to her tummy and be born again, is to ask her to have my lashes trimmed to have fuller lashes (true or not, I wouldn't mind trying) *winks* But since i can't do that, I would settle for alternatives to make my lashes fuller (aside from applying mascara).

I'll post 2 versions, one from Ms. Lanie and the other one from yours truly. (which means: The LAZY version)

Disclaimer: I don't claim that I invented my own version, there could be a whole lot of people doing this out there, but what the heck? I just learned this... hahaha

Paul & Joe Version Tools needed --
1. Mascara
2. Eyeliner Brush

Steps ---

1. Use your favorite mascara and get the excess mascara by patting it on your hand

2. With an flat brush or angled liner brush (whatever your heart desires), lightly brush the "brush" on the mascara

3. Pulll your eye upward and walk through the brush through the roots of your lashes. Move back and forth (imagine like you're tickling your eyelashes). Not creating a line but adding some mascara on the roots. (photo courtesy of emakeup.com)

Askmewhats Version tools needed ---
1. Soft tip eyeliner (black)

Step ---

Look at step 3 above and instead of a brush, use a SOFT tip pencil. Gently move back and forth concentrating on the roots of the lashes. Again, you are not creating a line but fill up the gaps to make the lashes "seems" thicker.

It really makes my lashes look fuller! :)
I can't seem to take a good pix of it as it just doesn't show up on pictures.
But I swear! It made my eyes look bigger and lashes fuller :) here's how it looks

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  1. If I have time, I tightline as much as possible to create the same effect. I find that I don't need to tightline if I use a great brush that would help me get as close to the lashes roots as possible.

    My mother trimmed my lashes, and it's still short and not full. She might have messed it up, because my little brother's lashes are sooooo long and soooo full! I have the urge to curl them. No mascara needed! Darn,he should've been born as a girl so I can play with his face. He has nice eyebrow arch too, I always offer to tweeze em but of course, he always decline my offer.

  2. Another option is to line like your version, but under the lashes instead of over, filling up the gaps. Instant defined lash line! I read a similar tip to the one by the makeup artist but it was a Stila artist. I tested it and it works, but was too much hassle for me :P

  3. Jiejie, tightlining does give out the same effect, and true, we need to get close to the lash roots as possible and the closer you get, the better it is!! awww...your mom trimmed your lashes? lucky you! my mom didn't! darn! hahaha I want to have long and full lashes!!!!

    Nanzy, you're very much welcome dear

    Parisb, yes, the long cut version should be done under the lashes..and roots area...and it is a big hassle but the effect is WHOAH! :) I'm lazy too..hahah considering someone who's so into make up but tends to get lazy, i tend to get lazy for myself..but i'll do it all over again for other people *winks*

  4. Hmmmm, isn't this tightlining?

    I do it with an pencil eyeliner... I see some girls do it with cream/gel liner (like Stila Smudgepot or MAC Fluidline), but I just can't seem to get it right other than using an pencil liner.

  5. Yes Liz, it is tightlining, but i guess a lot of make-up artists would tightline using a Gel Liner, I would go for the Mascara as it is more "liquid-y" and it dries pretty quickly :D I use the pencil too as it's easier and mess-free..but it doesn't get to be really Thin like using a very thin eyelining brush :D

  6. nice tip u have there! but, will the liner smudge? my double eye lids are folded under my eye lids. so, if i use pencil liner, it smudges like crazy. will this tip smudge too?

  7. Prettybeautiful, for eyelining pencil, it smudges but VERY minimal, with the waterproof mascara..it didn't budge! it looks the same as I applied it in the morning til after work. Maybe just depends on what mascara you'll be using, just make sure it's a waterproof ones :D

  8. oooh! can't wait to get out of the office and try this one out! thanks for the tip nikki!

  9. i've read a lot on tightlining and i'm scared to try it haha. i guess i will stick with volumizing mascaras. :D but this tip's great to know nevertheless. ;)

  10. Sab! Finish your work first before you go running home! hahaha :D

    Mhean, I know, I got scared the first time I heard about it, its not scary as it sounds and not as gross as you think it is..hahah the first time P&J staff did this to me, that's the time i went "AHHHHhhhh, ganon pala" hahaha :D Well, you've got full lashes, lucky you! :)

  11. ohhh!! i tried tightlining but it definitely tickles, i can;t stand it. i seriously can't. :) lol! naluluha ako. hehehe! :)

  12. tightlining makes me cry..haha!but still, i always do it, because it makes my eyes look fuller...but my main problem is after a few hours, they smudge!thanks for the tip, i'll definitely try it now with waterproof mascara. ^_^

  13. Thanks for the tips! I'm always scared about tightlining. I'm scared that I will get some infection. But I do agree that lining your eyes close to your lashline will make them appear fuller.

  14. great tips! i really like the tight lining effect, it subtle but it wakes up the eye instantly!

  15. Shen, actually, my tip is, don't pull your eyes too high, just look down and kinda go through the brush, i do it one area at a time so it doesn't tickle too much :D

    Pauline, yes try it with the waterproof mascara...you don't need to buy anything special as almost everyone into make up has waterproof mascara :) goodluck

    Fabuless, ohhh I am scared to infections too, i just don't go below the lashline and make sure i clean it everytime with cotton buds going through the lash roots :)

    Nic nic, thanks, to be honest, I don't tightline everyday, just those days i want my eyes to brighten up :D


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