Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cover Girl Enhancement Application

Before we start off. I have written a review on my Cover Girl Eye Enhancement Quad previously. One reader asked me to use this quad and see how it looks.

I bought this product for a very neutral or simple day look, for those days you don't want to have too much color on your eyes but you want to have the "depth". Especially for Asian eyes like mine, small and puffy at times. I've noticed that when I used this product, it isn't too strong and I can put the focus on my cheeks or my lips :D

Here's a step-by-step guide on Askmewhats version of using this product. You guys can be creative and do your own thing...

1. I chose the 4th color called Mocha, brush it lightly with my crease brush/blending brush

2. Sweep it lightly all over your crease (creating a depth)

3. Use a smaller crease brush and tap on Coffee (the darkest color of the 4 shades)

4. Swipe gently to the outer corner of your lids with a (<) sign, to create a deeper set of eyes look

5. Using a regular e/s brush, brush on the shimmery beigy color called "Mink"

6. Swipe "mink" on your lower lids to create an "awake" and "shimmery" look everytime you blink ;)

7. Swipe on the lightest color, called Barely Beige with the other side of your e/s brush (make sure not to mix up the previous colors you used)

8. Use barely beige as a highlighting color. You can also tap some excess gently in the inner corner of your eyes to create a "Blooming eyes" look.

Please do not forget to BLEND BLEND BLEND!

VOILA! Here's my before and after shot, you wouldn't see much differences but it does make me more "made-up" and ready to go :D

Hope I serve the purpose of letting you guys know how I use the CG Eye enchancement quads.
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Your Askmewhats,


  1. thanks for that great tutorial! :)

  2. thanks for doing this tutorial, i've never tried any of their eyeshadows before, now ill definitely check it out :)

  3. YOu are very much welcome Ms. Jillsabs :D

    Makeupfairytale, I enjoyed doing this step by step tutorial, takes a bit of time to load it but its worth it :D I'm glad I helped even a bit *winks*

  4. thanks for the tut! i like using neutrals for everyday too :D

  5. Hey there! Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog and for the lovely comment :)

    Nice tutorial. This will definitely help a lot of people out there.

    Keep up the good work sister! Enjoy the rest of your week. Thanks again for stopping by and I hope to hear from you again :)

  6. Nic nic *high five* we are the neutrals user :) hehehe

    Mrs. Lynne, don't have to thank me, I really enjoyed your blog ever since! I just posted recently! :) you keep doing your posts as well as you make people like me super happy :D

  7. I love, love, love neutrals! :) We have the same look lately for the eyes but I define my crease ( like line it talaga ) to create an imaginary "tuklap" haha! instead of an outer V, I line the crease about 3/4 before it reaches the inner V. It's the perfect everyday makeup look no? so elegant , simple, and fresh :) i love it! thanks for the really helpful tutorial :)

  8. Hi Sophie dear, thanks for dropping by!!! My dear beautynomics girl!!! Sis, I know what you're referring to about lining the eyes, I did that to my sister-in-law coz she has monolids..and it works wonders!!! Thanks dear!!!! Goodluck with your next saturday class

  9. yey! thanks for the tutorial =)
    have to get this for my everyday look..simple & pretty.
    more power! i enjoy reading ur blog.

  10. You're welcome Lei, I'm glad you appreciate it! Enjoy reading my blog :) I'm inspired with readers like you :D

  11. The nude look is always good for work, if nothing else :)

  12. I totally agree with you Tine darling, don't worry I always wear the "almost nothing" look, hahaha I never wear these at work, our workplace is so relaxed and people can wear shorts/jeans if you want! hahaha so this is going to shock the hell out of my colleages :D


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