Thursday, May 29, 2008

Askmewhats Version: "Purple Rain" Look

Remember the first time I ventured into purples?
It took me a bit of courage and TIME...
I don't want the "black-eyed" look,
I don't want the "cried before I sleep" look...
So I have to practice....practice...blend and blen....

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Products Used ---

  • MAC NC35
  • Arezia Powder (on top to lighten up)
  • NYX Concealer in a Jar Medium (as base)
  • NYX e/s Champagne (all over lid and as hi-lighting color)
  • Monna Dolan e/s E12 (this is dark purple color crease area)
  • NYX e/s Beauty Queen (outer corner of the eyes til mid part)
  • KATE Gradical eyes sparkly pink (inner corner of eyes)
  • Stila Smudgepots in Black (to line the eyes)
  • Sorry, no Mascara used
  • Cherry Culture Lip Gloss

And you want to go back BEFORE the "purple rain"?

Brace yourself for a silly girl...
no MAKE-UP at all..
I looked so ...colorless hihihi

Aaawww, my guy loves taking shot of me while getting ready for work!
By the way, the brush I'm holding is the BE (Bare Escentuals) Flawless Face brush
Will do a separate review on this brush soon!!!!
(Maybe sooner if you guys want me to...but be nice to me ok? *winks*)

How's everyone today?
Hope you have a great mid-week!
Your askmewhats just can't wait for the weekend!

Your askmewhats,


  1. very lovely FOTD. i love this shade of purple and how the colors were blended. way to go, Nikki!

  2. Yes, you've finally come and joined us in the purple jungle!!! :D

    Try pairing purple with green (and a touch of pink); it's my favourite combo!

  3. darling..i love this combo. ganda ganda pramis. pag ako yan para akong nabugbog. nice one nikki!

  4. it looks good nik!:)

    i really like your necklace...^_^ wehehehehe

  5. you actually don't look washed out or anything without makeup on. I DO. :( Very pretty FOTD. It's like a smokey purple. I LOVE purple. :D Hehe.

  6. Lizzz, thanks so much for commenting my blending skill hahaha ! I really took my time! hehee

    Liz, yes yes, I am joining you gals on the purple jungle, thanks so much for suggesting the 3 colors, I may give it a try soon!!!!

    Jheng, bugbog? NO WAY! I don't believe you, you're one bolera and I saw all your FOTDs and you never looked Bugbog!

    Vannie, the necklace was from my bro :) He bought it at the airport I believe, somewhere hahaha

    Christiana..aww thanks so much for the compliment, I guess I got so used to seeing myself in colors :)

  7. Oh! I love this look! Sooo cute and sweet! I'm loving the purples and pinks this season.

  8. niaaway mo ko nikki ha! bleh! :P

  9. Gracie, dear...Samantha...arrr...hahah Thanks so much..and I know how sweet looking purples and pinks are :)

    Jheng, di kita away no!!!! si Gracie ..hmph! sumbungera! hahaha

  10. haha, there are so many lizs here! im a liz too!

    anyway, love the look. ima try this. ^_^

  11. What happened to your wedding motiff look entry? :( I have it on my reader, but it's not on your page any more :( I really loved it too!

  12. u look really good in purple. i love this colour too, amazing. easy to pull off for every skintone. i have one that i bought from The Face Shop. I love it soooo much!!

  13. lovely purples !!! and i love purple too hehehe where's the domestic violence eyes huh? HUH???

    j/k :D and you look lovely even without makeup. I just look...........blah.

  14. Another LIZ..hahaha yup too many liz'es thanks and I want to see your EOTD when you did this purple look :)

    Lurve, thanks so much for letting me know about the wedding motiff FOTD :D

    Cassandra dear..thanks for the kind words, you're a sweetie!!! How'd you like the FACE shop one?

    Nanzy, awwww thanks for letting me know I still look human even without make up :D

  15. this is beautiful!! thanks for sharing... you wear these purples well!

  16. The purple's lovely, but I think the bare face is prettier :)

  17. Yummy 411, I honestly didn't know I wore purples well, I just love to play with my make up and i don't have enough eyes to practice on except mine...(note: hubby doesn't want to lend me his eyes hahaha)

    Tine, you promise you love my bare face? Say that again dah--ling..say it! i want to hear it again and again! hahaha :D

  18. i love this purple look! it definitely made your eyes look sexy yet still appear soft and flattering. great job sis!

  19. awwww mhean, coming from you! I'm super touched! Thanks for the "sexy" word though I could NEVER sport a sexy look, i just look so crazy and childish and I just can't handle the "sexiness" always FUNNY look hahaha

  20. Such a pretty purple fotd!

    wow you look really young without makeup!! ahh well it's a good thing ;)

  21. awww nic nic, thanks, I am not young though! *snifffff*


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