Friday, May 30, 2008

Askmewhats Reviews: Accupleasure Head Massager

** available at Rustan's for Php195.00

This looks like a factory-defect egg beater right? LOL Your askmewhats venture not only on beauty but also anything that would interest me.

INTRODUCING.... Accupleasure Head Massage.... I believe is made in Japan. This weird thing is available at Rustan's mall. I was searching through make-up sponges when I saw this product. I can't help but give it a try as they have the "tester" just right in front of me. Who else should I use it to? (of course not to me silly but to my wonderful hubby..bwahahaha). I was surprised with the effect it did to him, I thought it was over acting! He of course said he's not and showed me his goosebumps!

So to return my favor, he used it on me and...OHMYGOODNESS!!!! I gave out screech and nearly ran out of the building! (Keith is not exaggerating!) hahaha

Here's how it should be used.... (much better if you ask someone to do it for you)
Step 1: Put it on top of your head

Step 2: Push the entire thing downwards

You'll go "brrrrr" promise!

It really does tickle your head and there's a certain "accupuncture without the needles" feeling. You can start at the back of your head or on top of your head, and me and my husband ended up using this to play and just get back at each other running around circles chasing each other!

This is a very "entertaining" product, but after several uses, you will loose the goosebumps and ticklish feeling! So now it ended lying around the room NOT serving its purpose! hahaha

It is indeed a product worth playing but not worth going crazy for. It does gives the "relaxed" feeling especially after first use. But it gives you the NUMB feeling after.

Will I repurchase?
No, if only I can use this as an egg beater...hehehe

Any crazy product you've seen and wanting to try?
Go ahead! As long as it's not too expensive!

Everything in this world is worth trying for...

and oh......murder?

and.... stealing?
OK OK, a lot of things are worth trying for!

Your askmewhats,



  1. i really thought it's an egg beater and your hubby's so funny. i wanna try this too, makes one look like an alien because of the antenna-like thingy on top

  2. hahaha.. at least it wasn't that expensive. :) relaxing maybe?

  3. hey thts really nice blend of the colors. good for a night out :D

  4. Jheng, hahaha really, we look like crazy kids running around Rustans! can you imagine that? With all the sosyal people in there ? hahaha

    Sab! I know...good thing its not expensive, I just wish I found this during the Christmas season and its great to give out for Kris Kringle, something ticklish! hahah

    Thanks pretty beautiful :)

  5. If I'm not mistaken, I've heard of this massager, but of a *ahem* sexual nature. It's like a different sort of vibrator or something. On the head, but tingling "other" parts.


  6. TINE!!!! *Gasp* dirty minded! hahahaha..but's a good idea though! *evil laugh*...I'm sure you want me to deliver it straight to your home eh? *winks* Come on Tine, admit want it!!!

  7. YOu know what? I've seen these at the mall. It looks like it would be too ticklish for my head or aggravate my dry scalp.

  8. Haha my BF loves that head massager thing! It does make you go brrr! LOL

  9. haha that is one ODD looking product!

  10. Vanessa, I KNOW!!!!! It is soooo "brrrr-ish".

    Mhean, indeed VERY ODD! But the funny thing? I've been saying I won't repurchase..but I just purchased ONE today!!!! But not for me, I just want to share the "brrrrr" to my relatives! hahaha

  11. i received this recently as a gift and i agree that it gives a wonderful sensation when used haha. :D i'll write a review also on my site. thanks for this! =)

  12. hahaha na try ko to :D kaso iba yung nakiliti sakin

    ang sarap hahaha


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