Friday, May 30, 2008

Askmewhats Version: "Our Wedding Motiff" Look

Note: Thanks to Lurve for letting me know this entry wasn't posted at all :) I didn't even know!

I got married to my wonderful bestfriend and highschool sweetheart last year -- October.
We got a lot of stuffs in mind and the wedding motiff isn't even a big issue to us.
He loves blues and I adore pinks
We wanted to blend them both and it looked wonderful on our wedding day.

With eye make up, aside from practice, experimenting is the key to a good eye makeup.
I tried the blues of my hubby and the pinks of mine and I added up my next favorite..

By the way, I used all NYX products here
Here's my EOTD...

Products Used (eyes only) ---
  • Vaseline (for the loose powders to stick)
  • NYX single e/s Atlantic
  • NYX single e/s Cherry
  • NYX pearl mania in Turquoise (on top of the NYX Atlantic)
  • NYX pearl mania in Purple (on top of NYX cherry)
  • NYX Chrome Shadows in Queen (as highlight)
NYX Chrome e/s and Pearl mania are all loose powders and I find it a bit messy to apply, I pat on loose powders just below my eyes (as an e/s blanket) so it's easier to clean up the mess.

You wouldn't see me wearing loud colors, but don't get me wrong, I love vibrant colors :)
Hope you guys like it
It did brought me down to memory lane...
Wedding bells...

Your askmewhats,


  1. Hey Nikki,

    beautiful eotd =]

    Regarding the hip duo, i only have 4 of them. my favorite duo is in Riotous. If you want, I can do swatches of all 8 colors for you ^^

  2. Thanks trang, I am just looking at the ULTA site and I don't see the color Riotous ..hmm...if it won't be a big hassle for you, it'll be great to see it swatched :D thanks so much in advance, that's so sweet of you! :)

  3. hey nikki do you have any wedding pics to share and wedding makeup?

  4. OMG, gorgeous colour combo! I have to try it out. Project! :P

  5. Yummy 411, yes, I'll be posting some wedding photos and of course, the wedding make-up for you dear, Wait for my next post ! *winks*

    Tine, try it out!! I love blues and pinks !!! my favorite color!!!

  6. gotta love blue and purple together right??? that combo is the fave look i've done and it's even on my YM avatar lol. it's sooo exciting and neat to see you sporting a daring EOTD! ;D

  7. I KNOW!!!!! I would never go out with a bright look! But if I want to be a professional make-up artist someday, I have to start somewhere right??? And I was just looking at my NYX pigments and I just have to try it! ehhehe Thanks for liking this EOTD :)


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